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An LNG fuel tank system for at least one gas engine used for ship propulsion is comprising at least one LNG fuel tank (4) and a gas vessel (8), the LNG fuel tank to be-bunkered from an onshore LNG pressure tank filling facility by means of an LNG filling line (1). According to the present invention ...

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The invention relates to methods and systems for treating heavy hydrocarbon by cavitation and hydroprocessing. The invention also relates to systems and methods for such treating, to equipment useful for such treating, and to cavitated, hydroprocessed products.

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A method for filling a fuel tank with liquefied gas includes liquefied gas being brought into the tank so that gas in introduced to a lower section of the tank below the surface of the liquefied gas in the tank, and during a first phase of the filling procedure while gas is introduced to a lower sec ...

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This invention generally refers to a new generation of fuel additives which can provide catalytic action to improve the combustion process of fossil fuels and to a catalyst among others containing an iron compound combined with an over-based magnesium compound with molecular size particles inside th ...

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This document relates to a fuel oil composition comprising: (i) a solid hydrocarbonaceous and/or solid carbonaceous material, wherein the material is in particulate form, and wherein at least about 90% by volume (% v) of the particles are no greater than about 20 microns in diameter; and (ii) a liqu ...

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The invention concerns a method of performing a quantitative and/or qualitative determination of catalytic fines in fuel oil and a system suitable for determining catalytic fines in an oil using the method. The method comprises determining aluminum using NMR and quantitatively and/or qualitatively d ...

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There is provided a process for operating a coal-fired furnace to generate heat. The process has the steps of a) providing the coal to the furnace and b) combusting the coal in the presence of a first slag-reducing ingredient and a second slag-reducing ingredient in amounts effective to reduce slag ...

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A ship for bunkering liquefied fuel gas to a liquefied-fuel-gas propulsion ship includes: a liquefied-fuel-gas storage tank installed in the ship; a fuel supply pipe connected to the liquefied-fuel-gas storage tank and supplying fuel to the liquefied-fuel-gas propulsion ship; and a BOG collection pi ...

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A connection having at least one double-walled pipe of stainless steel connected to an LNG tank is disclosed, the LNG tank having an inner shell of stainless steel and an outer shell spaced at a distance from the inner shell, the inner and outer shells defining an isolation space therebetween. The a ...

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An electric and steam system includes an electrical generator assembly configured to receive a first portion of a flow of a boil off gas (NBOG). An oxidizing unit is configured to receive a second portion of the flow of the boil off gas (NBOG), the second portion being an excess of the flow of the b ...