Pipe or hose couplings. Spp Group, January 2, 1975: GB1379519-A (2 worldwide citation)

1379519 Pipe couplings SPP GROUP Ltd 16 Dec 1971 [16 Dec 1970 13 May 1971] 59798/70 and 14794/71 Heading F2G On bringing pipes 6 and 14 together, collet 2 enters pipe 14 and, on being retracted, relatively to pipe 6, is expanded by the wedging action of the rim 26 of a stationary ring 24, so that th ...

Mooney John Christopher: Installation for conveying,bunkering and discharging coal and other bulk materials. Horsfield & R, March 22, 1967: GB1062911-A (2 worldwide citation)

1,062,911. Storage bunkers discharging. R. HORSFIELD & CO. Ltd. July 29, 1964 [Aug. 2, 1963; Sept. 5, 1963], Nos. 17367/63 and 35098/63. Heading B8E. An even flow of material is produced on a conveyer 7, Fig. 1, by a plough 17 which moves longitudinally of a delivery conveyer 8 deflecting material i ...

Levander Oskar, Sipilä Tuomas: Method for operating a lng fuelled marine vessel. Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Levander Oskar, Sipilä Tuomas, AWEK INDUSTRIAL PATENTS OY, May 22, 2009: WO/2009/063127 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and system for operating a LNG fuelled marine vessel. The marine vessel (1) comprises a LNG storage tank (3) and a LNG fuelled power plant (71). LNG is stored in the LNG storage tank, and in connection with a bunkering operation the marine vessel is supplied with LN ...

Voss Kurt Heinz: Device for vertical downward transportation. Bergwerksverband, June 18, 1986: GB2168329-A (1 worldwide citation)

In the vertical downward transportation for bunkering, especially of waste material, a pipe 1 is used, composed of sections, which pipe has an internal guide control spiral. The pipe (1) has a diameter of at least 1 meter and the spiral (2) has no helical eye and is arranged with an upward incline o ...

Improvements in or relating to mooring buoys, particularly for ship bunkering. Internat Marine And Oil Dev Co, August 30, 1961: GB876392-A (1 worldwide citation)

876,392. Buoys. INTERNATIONAL MARINE & OIL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION A. B. May 19, 1960 [May 23, 1959], No. 17631/60. Class 68(1). In order that a ship may be secured to and swing about a non-swinging buoy 1 there is provided on the top of the buoy an outwardly facing circular channel 5, 6 in which ca ...

Marine loading arm bunkering arrangement. Exxon Res, February 18, 1981: GB1584855-A (1 worldwide citation)

An articulated branch assembly comprising pipe member and appropriately arranged combinations of fluid carrying swivels, ball joints, or rubber hose is fixed to the outboard end of a conventional marine cargo loading arm. The branch assembly is used for bunkering vessels while the arm is supported o ...


Christopher M Evans, Jeevan S Abichandani: Methods and systems for treating a hydrocarbon feed. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, Brandon J Hindmarsh, September 19, 2017: US09765267

The invention relates to methods and systems for treating heavy hydrocarbon by cavitation and hydroprocessing. The invention also relates to systems and methods for such treating, to equipment useful for such treating, and to cavitated, hydroprocessed products.

Paul Snaith, John Francis Unsworth: Fuel oil compositions and processes. Allard Services, Dinsmore & Shohl, October 3, 2017: US09777235

This document relates to a fuel oil composition comprising: (i) a solid hydrocarbonaceous and/or solid carbonaceous material, wherein the material is in particulate form, and wherein at least about 90% by volume (% v) of the particles are no greater than about 20 microns in diameter; and (ii) a liqu ...

Ole Norgaard Jensen: Method of determining catalytic fines in an oil. NANONORD, Pearne & Gordon, July 25, 2017: US09714909

The invention concerns a method of performing a quantitative and/or qualitative determination of catalytic fines in fuel oil and a system suitable for determining catalytic fines in an oil using the method. The method comprises determining aluminum using NMR and quantitatively and/or qualitatively d ...

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