Tachibana Masanori: Baked and crushed artificial decorative aggregate. Tachibana Masanori, March 7, 2000: JP2000-072502

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable coloring according to purpose of use and stabilize the quality. SOLUTION: This baked and crushed type artificial decorative aggregate comprises sludge generating from building and engineering works, sludge of a water purification plant, sludge after washing gravel and ...

Kuroki Takayuki, Watanabe Takayuki, Kitahara Yasuhiro, Takehara Akinori, Obuchi Shoji: Aliphatic polyester resin composition and films containing the same. Mitsui Chemicals, May 9, 2003: KR1020037003562

An aliphatic polyester resin composition comprising 100 parts by weight of an aliphatic polyester resin and 10 to 60 parts by weight of at least one compound represented by the general formula (1); films made of the composition; and packages made by using the films: (1) (wherein n is an integer of 1 ...

HOLDER FOR CASTING INTO A CONCRETE ELEMENT. September 25, 2014: US20140286726-A1

A holder in particular for fastening a lining, for at least partially casting into a concrete element which is cast using a formwork, wherein the holder is aligned by an outer surface with the surface of the concrete element pointing towards the formwork, in particular for use in tunnel-building and ...

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