Mark J Krauss: Buckle having improved web securement. American Cord & Webbing Co, Marvin Feldman, July 2, 1985: US04525901 (47 worldwide citation)

A buckle for securing the free end of a web or band is provided with a cross-member of generally triangular cross-section having rounded corners and slightly curved sides, and being oriented to an upper surface having a sharp angle so that one corner of the cross-member is juxtaposed to the sharp an ...

William Messner: Container holder with fasteners. November 7, 2017: US09809287

One design embodiment of a holder for a container comprising: one or more bands each capable of retaining a container inside the band(s), with straps attached to and extending away from the exterior of the band(s); with fasteners on the ends of each strap such that container within the band or bands ...

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