Carl McVey
Mcvey Carl, Owen John Robert: A hook arrangement.. Rwo Marine Equip, February 14, 1990: EP0354327-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A hook arrangement for use when mooring a boat comprises a hook (1) defining a mouth (6), a gate (8) mounted upon the hook and movable between a first position in which it extends across the mouth so that the mouth is closed and a second, alternative position in which it is displaced from the mouth ...


aaron alls
Bruce W Farber, Michael M Wiggins, Aaron Alls, Joseph Beck, Leming Yue: Boat lifting and stacking vehicle. Wiggins Lift Co, Kelly Lowry & Kelley, April 24, 2008: US20080095578-A1

A boat lifting and stacking vehicle having a low profile frame, a carriage connected to a frame via a transverse I-beam track, a mast having a pair of forks protruding therefrom, and a hydraulic suspension system. The vehicle further includes an operating console that moves transversely and vertical ...

Carl McVey
Mcvey Carl: Boat bailing device. R W O, April 4, 1990: GB2223202-A

A bailing device for a boat comprises means defining an aperture 6 adapted to constitute an outlet through the hull of the boat, a resiliently deformable member 22 which, in a first condition, extends across the aperture to close the outlet and actuating means 11 for deforming the resilient member t ...

Maurice Daniel: Light emitting fabric. Sixbey Friedman & Leedom, November 18, 1980: US04234907 (232 worldwide citation)

A light emitting fabric (10) in which optical fibers (12, 28, 46, 48) are part of the weave, replacing some of the threaded fibers (27), whereby the fabric is uniformly illuminated and, accordingly, decorated. The individual optical fibers are gathered into a bundle (15) at one end of the fabric and ...

Christopher J Vitito: Overhead console having flip-down monitor. Aquilino & Welsh, July 7, 1998: US05775762 (204 worldwide citation)

An overhead console for a motor vehicle, boat, or aircraft, is disclosed. The console includes an elongated console housing having a leading end and a trailing end, a monitor mounted in the leading end of the console housing, and a compartment for storing a source of video signals.

William E Glidewell, Eddie F Furr III, Mark J Witham: Security system. Boat Buddy Sentry, Richards Medlock & Andrews, June 7, 1994: US05319698 (182 worldwide citation)

A security system for detecting and signalling the presence of abnormal security or hazardous conditions, such as unauthorized entry, glass breakage, fire, smoke, high water level, in individual units, such as a boat, a recreational vehicle, an automobile, which are located or stored in a given secu ...

Jean B Hugues, Lynn Weber, James E Herlinger, Katsuhito Nishikawa, Donald L Schuman, Gary W Yee: Method and apparatus for transferring wafers between cassettes and a boat. Silicon Valley Group, Donald C Feix, September 13, 1988: US04770590 (171 worldwide citation)

A wafer transfer mechanism used for transferring wafers between cassettes and a boat uses sensors to detect and to measure any offset of the actual center of each wafer being transferred with respect to the expected or precalibrated center of that wafer. An appropriate adjustment is made to effectiv ...

Kurtis S Willden, Kenneth N Goodno: Caul and method for bonding and curing intricate composite structures. The Boeing Company, Glenn D Bellamy, Bruce A Kaser, September 7, 1993: US05242523 (161 worldwide citation)

The invention disclosed here is a method for forming and curing an intricate structure of criss-crossing composite stringers and frames that are bonded to a skin panel. A structure constructed in accordance with the invention would be well-suited for use as a portion of an aircraft fuselage, a boat ...

Margreet Albertine Anne Marie Van Wijck: Atomic layer deposition. ASM International, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, July 1, 2003: US06585823 (154 worldwide citation)

Atomic layer deposition is used to provide a solid film on a plurality of disc shaped substrates. The substrates are entered spaced apart in a boat, in a furnace and heated to deposition temperature. In the furnace the substrate is exposed to alternating and sequential pulses of at least two mutuall ...

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