Rich Erekson: Portable device control console with wireless connection. 3Com Corporation, Wagner Murabito & Hao, September 16, 2003: US06622018 (144 worldwide citation)

A system and method for controlling a remote device over a wireless connection. In one embodiment, a hand-held computer system having a Bluetooth-enabled transceiver is used to control other Bluetooth-enabled devices. A wireless connection between a transceiver and a remote device is established. A ...

John R Bell: Group call for a wireless mobile communication device using bluetooth. Philips Electronics N A Corporation, Jack D Slobod, June 11, 2002: US06405027 (139 worldwide citation)

A mobile communication handset which is configured for communicating by a cellular or PCS or cordless call over a first wireless link to a base station, and is also configured for communicating with one or more other communication devices over other respective wireless direct device-to-device second ...

Joseph M Cannon, James A Johanson, Philip D Mooney: Wireless piconet access to vehicle operational statistics. Agere Systems Guardian, William H Bollman, June 18, 2002: US06408232 (137 worldwide citation)

A wireless piconet transceiver is mounted in a vehicle, and a complementary fixed wireless piconet transceiver is mounted in a garage, service station, police squad car, etc., for communication with the vehicle when parked adjacent thereto. The vehicle establishes a temporary piconet network with th ...

William C Y Lee, Jau Young Lee: Integrating wireless local loop networks with cellular networks. Cello Partnership, Gates & Cooper, June 21, 2005: US06909705 (136 worldwide citation)

Bluetooth networks, also known as wireless local loop, are integrated with cellular networks, so that the two networks can inter-operate with devices enabled for both types of networks.

Todd R Witkowski, Kurt A Dykema, Steven L Geerlings, Mark L Zeinstra: Wireless communications system and method. Johnson Controls Technology Company, Foley & Lardner, March 25, 2008: US07349722 (135 worldwide citation)

A system for communicating information facilitates wireless communication between electronic devices. The system includes a transceiver provided in a vehicle. The transceiver communicates with an electronic device located external to the transceiver using a Bluetooth communications standard.

Victor S Moore, Edith H Stern, Barry E Willner: Method and system for local wireless commerce. International Business Machines Corporation, Cuenot & Forsythe L L C, April 3, 2007: US07200566 (135 worldwide citation)

A system and method of conducting commercial activities such as an auction in a rather localized area (such as a shopping mall). Potential consumers located in the local area have a mobile wireless communications device (for example, a smart cellular phone or a 2-way radio or a Bluetooth communicati ...

Tomas Russ: Patient monitoring area network. Draeger Medical Systems, Jack Schwartz & Associates, June 15, 2004: US06749566 (134 worldwide citation)

A system that allows patient monitoring data obtained by patient connected devices to be transferred by wireless signals to another device such as a patient monitoring processor. The same patient connected devices are used to transfer data to the patient monitor processor or a central station depend ...

Todd F Mozer, Forrest S Mozer: Voice interface and search for electronic devices including bluetooth headsets and remote systems. Sensory, Chad R Walsh, Fountainhead Law Group P C, January 17, 2012: US08099289 (133 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for improving the interaction between a user and a small electronic device such as a Bluetooth headset are described. The use of a voice user interface in electronic devices may be used. In one embodiment, recognition processing limitations of some devices are overcome by employi ...


Julian Van Erlach: Enhanced telecommunication services. October 24, 2006: US07127261 (132 worldwide citation)

Methods and platforms are disclosed for providing enhanced telecommunication wireless and wireline services comprising: 1) wireless device location-based personal contact service; 2) digital multi-media telecommunication session documentation; 3) provision of digital product samples according to sub ...

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