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A process for the manufacture of small sensors with reproducible surfaces, including electrochemical sensors. One process includes forming channels in the surface of a substrate and disposing a conductive material in the channels to form an electrode. The conductive material can also be formed on th ...

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A biosensing transponder for implantation in an organism including a human comprises a biosensor for sensing one or more physical properties related to the organism after the device has been implanted, including optical, mechanical, chemical, and electrochemical properties, and a transponder for wir ...

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Interferant eliminating analyte sensors and sensing process prevent erroneous assays. Glucose electrodes were coated with an oxidizing enzyme (peroxidase) which allows hydrogen peroxide to selectively oxidize ascorbate, urate, bilirubin, and acetaminophenol in the presence of glucose. Hydrogen perox ...

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A biosensor including an interferant-eliminating catalyst and method for analyzing an analyte in a biological sample is disclosed.

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A biosensor of the invention comprises an insulating base board (1) having formed thereon, in sequence, leads (2, 3, 3'), an electrode system mainly made of carbon (4, 5, 5'), an insulating layer (6) and a reaction layer (14) composed of an enzyme and an electron acceptor, and being provided thereon ...

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An amperometric biosensor and method for the detection of hydrogen peroxide, NADH, or NADPH with high sensitivity includes an electrode having on its testing surface a three-dimensional redox polymer network in which peroxidase is immobilized.

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In accordance with a first aspect, a noninvasive apparatus comprises a housing (42) having a grasping region (44), and a noninvasive extraction device (10) to noninvasively extract a sample from a hand of an end user at the grasping region (44). In accordance with a second aspect, a noninvasive appa ...

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The present invention relates to an electrochemical enzyme biosensor for use in liquid mixtures of components for detecting the presence of, or measuring the amount of, one or more select components. The enzyme electrode of the present invention is comprised of an enzyme, an artificial redox compoun ...

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The biosensor of this invention can quantify a substrate in a sample liquid by electrochemically measuring the amount of an electron acceptor that has been reduced by electrons generated in a reaction between the substrate and an oxidoreductase. The biosensor has an electrically insulating substrate ...

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An efficient method for the microfabrication of electronic devices which have been adapted for the analyses of biologically significant analyte species is described. The techniques of the present invention allow for close control over the dimensional features of the various components and layers est ...