Gilbert Ducellier deceased, Andre Pavia: Method of and equipment for anaerobic degradation of organic products. Union Industrielle et D Entreprise, Valorga, Andre Pavia, Lucienne Ducellier, Michele Fabres nee Ducellier, Monique Goudet nee Ducellier, Colette Segonzac nee Ducellier, Renee Ducellier nee Richert, Veronique Ducellier, Steinberg & Raskin, April 25, 1989: US04824571 (10 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method and equipment for carrying out the degradation of various organic products or waste in an anaerobic medium. The equipment comprises a plurality of ducts for reinjecting biogas into a fermentation vat sidewise spaced from each other and disposed at least in t ...

Durrant Helen Elizabeth, Pugh Shirley Yvonne Ruth: Treatment of waste material.. Anglian Water Commercial Devel, January 7, 1993: EP0521685-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

In a method and apparatus for treating waste material, in particular municipal solid waste (MSW), the MSW is fed through a pre-shredding chamber (12) and into a water jet chamber (14). The jets of water shread the MSW into a slurry which is then passed to a separation chamber (16), from which emerge ...

Sarah L Billington, Craig S Criddle, Curtis W Frank, Margaret C Morse, Sarah J Christian, Allison J Pieja: Bacterial poly(hydroxy alkanoate) polymer and natural fiber composites. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Lumen Patent Firm, February 15, 2011: US07887893 (10 worldwide citation)

A biocomposite is produced from natural fiber fabrics embedded in a matrix of biosynthetic polyhydroxy-alkanoate (PHA) polymers. The PHA is synthesized using aerobic microbial biosynthesis using mixed bacterial cultures and a feedstock containing anaerobic degradation products such as methane and vo ...

Lutz Peter: Biogas facility for creating biogas from biomass and method for operating the biogas facility. Bekon Energy Technologies, December 3, 2008: EP1997875-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The plant for the production of biogas, comprises a fermenter (2) operating according to the principle of dry fermentation for producing biogas in batch-mode with a biogas outlet (8) and a purge gas inlet (24), a biogas pipeline (12) connected with the biogas outlet, an exhaust gas pipeline (26) int ...

Ann C Wilkie: Fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed waste. University of Florida Research Foundation, Saliwanchik Lloyd & Saliwanchik, November 20, 2007: US07297274 (9 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed livestock manure includes an enclosed digester tank (fixed or flexible roof), internal media for biofilm development, a biogas collection and flare system, various pumps, and hydraulic control systems. The preferred media has substantial ...

Torben Bonde, Lars Jorgen Pedersen: Concept for slurry separation and biogas production. GFE Patent, Iver P Cooper, February 8, 2011: US07883884 (9 worldwide citation)

The present invention concerns an anaerobic digestion of animal manures, energy crops and similar organic substrates. The process is capable of refining nutrients comprised in the digested biomass to fertilizers of commercial quality. The invention also provides a method for oprocessing animal carca ...

Gerald A Leone, Larry G Shilling: Systems and methods for underground storage of biogas. Casella Waste Systems, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, May 25, 2010: US07722289 (9 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for producing purified biogas are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a method includes collecting biogas from a landfill, transporting the biogas to a first well, injecting the biogas into the first well, and pressurizing the first well to store the biogas.

David Nixon Smith, Allen Rice Ferrell: Wood gasification apparatus. Biogas Technologies, Glenn C Brown P C, December 5, 2006: US07144558 (9 worldwide citation)

A wood gasification apparatus in which cellulosic material is transported by an auger through a housing and heated to vaporize at least a portion of the cellulosic material by frictional heating. The auger and housing define a spiral void through which the cellulosic material is propelled from the i ...

Kaskens Henricus Joseph Marie, Van Den Boomen Henricus Nicola: Method and device for carrying out a fermentation process in a reactor.. Orgaworld, July 19, 2006: EP1681274-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

A device (1) and a method for carrying out a fermentation process in a reactor (2), which reactor (2) comprises a liquid-permeable floor (3), two substantially parallel side walls (4) extending perpendicularly to the floor (3), a rear wall (13), and a ceiling part (5) disposed opposite the floor (3) ...

Cervenka Jan, Broz Zdenek, Mostecky Jiri, Cermak Jan: Process for the treatment of liquid manure coming from the excrement of cattle bred for profit. Ceskoslovenska Akademie Ved, August 8, 1986: FR2576741-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Process for the preparation of liquid manure from cattle excrement, if appropriate after fermentation resulting in the production of methane, the liquid manure first being alkalinised with lime, before the separation of the sludge obtained and the conveyance of the residual water at the head of a re ...

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