Gilbert Ducellier, Andre Pavia: Method of degrading organic products, by-products and scraps in an anaerobic medium. Gilbert Ducellier, Andre Pavia, Union Industrielle et d Entreprise, Valorga, Steinberg & Raskin, October 25, 1988: US04780415 (17 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for carrying out a degradation in an anaerobic medium, such as a methanogenesis, of organic products, by-products or waste from human, animal and/or plant origin, involving feeding said products to be degraded into a closed fermentation vessel, forcing said products to flow in ...

Claude De Garie, Albert Cocci, Robert C Landine: Bulk volume fermenter. Adi, Shoemaker and Mattare, June 16, 1987: US04672691 (17 worldwide citation)

A fermentation pond has a cover and gas-collection system that includes a gas-impermeable membrane resistant to the elements and resistant to chemical deterioration by both the contents of the pond and any biogas generated by fermentation in the pond. The membrane overlies the full surface of the po ...

Ann C Wilkie: Fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed manure. University of Florida Research Foundation, Saliwanchik Lloyd & Saliwanchik, November 2, 2004: US06811701 (17 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed livestock manure includes an enclosed digester tank (fixed or flexible roof), internal media for biofilm development, a biogas collection and flare system, various pumps, and hydraulic control systems. The preferred media has substantial ...

Joseph Anderson, David Vincent Bozzi: Apparatus, system and method for treating waste material. Comprehensive Resources Recovery & Reuse, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, May 4, 2004: US06730223 (16 worldwide citation)

A method, apparatus and system for processing municipal waste starts with a biomass that has been treated in at least one steam autoclave and dilutes the resulting biomass in a dilution tank while agitating the resulting mixture a sufficient amount and at an effective temperature to cause cellulose ...

Xiaomei Li, Le Zeng, Earl August Jenson: Process for removal and recovery of nutrients from digested manure or other organic wastes. Alberta Research Council, Bennett Jones, March 21, 2006: US07014768 (15 worldwide citation)

A process for removal and recovery of nutrients and recycling of water from digested manure or other organic wastes. A first step involves separating waste from an anaerobic digester into digested liquids, digested solids, and biogas. A second step involves precipitating solids from the digested liq ...

Gerald A Leone, Larry G Shilling: Systems and methods for underground storage of biogas. Casella Waste Systems, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, August 23, 2011: US08002498 (14 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for producing purified biogas are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a method includes collecting biogas from a landfill, transporting the biogas to a first well, injecting the biogas into the first well, and pressurizing the first well to store the biogas.

Chris E Choate, Paul A Sherman, Ruihong Zhang: Process for treatment of organic waste materials. Alta Environmental Services, Carr & Ferrell, March 21, 2006: US07015028 (14 worldwide citation)

A multi-stage process and system for treating organic waste materials includes steps of hydrolyzing the materials in an anaerobic vessel, transferring the liquid product of hydrolysis to an anaerobic digester, and further decomposing the waste materials under aerobic conditions to yield a compost pr ...

James R Ferguson: Anaerobic digestion of fish wastes. Biotherm International, Lahive & Cockfield, December 4, 1990: US04975106 (14 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for anaerobic digestion of fish wastes and production of useful by-products including fertilizer and biogas. The method includes grinding up the fish wastes and adding liquid to create a suspension of up to 25% solids; optionally adding lipase to break down the fish oil; and a ...

Hoffmann Manfred Prof Dr, Zuerl Berthold, Linke Bernd Dr Sc Agr Dipl Ing, Schelle Hannelore Dipl Biochem: Method and device for the methanation of biomasses. Hoffmann Manfred Prof Dr, Inst Agrartechnik Bornim E V A, August 11, 1999: EP0934998-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

The biomass (3) in e.g. a bale, heaps, pressed sheet bale (4), silo or off-roll container is contained in an air tight envelope (5), and dosed (7, 8) once only with inoculant. Fermentation proceeds anaerobically with no further addition. An Independent claim is included for the equipment used. Prefe ...

Jury Kenneth James, Eden Robert David: Recovery of biogas.. Cryotec Energy Systems, May 14, 1986: EP0180670-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

Biogas, essentially consisting of 50-70% methane and 30-50% CO2, is scrubbed to remove the CO2 by two spray scrubbers (8, 14) arranged in series along the gas flow path. The spray scrubbers (8, 14) atomise an absorbent liquid which is regenerated and returned to the scrubbers (8, 14). The absorbent ...

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