Schirmer Andreas, Rude Mathew, Brubaker Shane: Methods and compositions for producing hydrocarbons. Ls9, Schirmer Andreas, Rude Mathew, Brubaker Shane, Superko Colleen, November 19, 2009: WO/2009/140696 (28 worldwide citation)

Compositions and methods for producing hydrocarbons such as aldehydes, alkanes, and alkenes are described herein. Certain hydrocarbons can be used in biofuels.

Daniell Henry: Production and use of plant degrading materials. University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Daniell Henry, VAN DYKE Timothy Het al, September 3, 2009: WO/2009/108941 (25 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are materials useful for degrading plant biomass material. In exemplary embodiments, the plant material comprises one or more enzymes that are expressed in plants and/or bacteria. Specifically exemplified herein are plant degrading enzymes expressed in chloroplasts. The chloroplast ...

Larry Jack Melnichuk, Karen Venita Kelly, Robert S Davis: System and method for converting biomass to ethanol via syngas. Woodland Biofuels, Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, January 3, 2012: US08088832 (24 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for synthesizing ethanol using synthetic routes via synthesis gas are disclosed. A method and apparatus for gasifying biomass, such as biomass, in a steam gasifier that employs a fluidized bed and heating using hot flue gases from the combustion of synthesis gas is described. ...

Aniket Kale: Products from step-wise extraction of algal biomasses. Heliae Development, Tom Gallegos Esq, Justin Kniep Esq, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, August 14, 2012: US08242296 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of making biofuels and valuable food and neutraceutical products includes dewatering intact algal cells to make an algal biomass, extracting neutral lipids along with carotenoids and chlorophylls from the algal biomass, and separating the carotenoids and chlorophylls. The remaining neutral ...

Aniket Kale: Methods for dewatering wet algal cell cultures. Heliae Development, Tom Gallegos Esq, Colleen Superko Esq, May 29, 2012: US08187463 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of dewatering algae and recycling water therefrom is presented. A method of dewatering a wet algal cell culture includes removing liquid from an algal cell culture to obtain a wet algal biomass having a lower liquid content than the algal cell culture. At least a portion of the liquid remov ...

George W Huber, Yu Ting Cheng, Torren Carlson, Tushar Vispute, Jungho Jae, Geoff Tompsett: Catalytic pyrolysis of solid biomass and related biofuels, aromatic, and olefin compounds. University of Massachusetts, Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, October 2, 2012: US08277643 (23 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to compositions and methods for fluid hydrocarbon product, and more specifically, to compositions and methods for fluid hydrocarbon product via catalytic pyrolysis. Some embodiments relate to methods for the production of specific aromatic products (e.g., benzene, toluene, nap ...

R Paul Woods, Edward Legere, Benjamin Moll, Carlos Unamunzaga, Eulalia Mantecon: Closed photobioreactor system for continued daily in situ production, separation, collection, and removal of ethanol from genetically enhanced photosynthetic organisms. Algenol Biofuels Switzerland, Lawrence B Ebert, Robert McIsaac, March 23, 2010: US07682821 (23 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a device for growing genetically enhanced aquatic photoautotrophic organisms in a stable culture, causing said organisms to produce ethanol, and then separating, collecting, and removing the ethanol in situ.

Rainer Potthast, Chi Ping Chung, Indresh Mathur: Purification of glycerin obtained as a bioproduct from the transesterification of triglycerides in the synthesis of biofuel. Johann Haltermann, Butzel Long, May 18, 2010: US07718833 (22 worldwide citation)

Methods for purifying glycerin contaminated with one or more lower boiling alcohols such as methanol, ethanol, straight, branched or cyclic C3-C6 alcohols, and the like. The methods are particularly useful for purifying crude glycerin phases recovered from the synthesis of biofuels. The present inve ...

Christof Lafleur, Harry Bouknight Jr, Harry Bouknight Sr: System for creating a biofuel. Biofuels Allied, Powertech International Holding, Buskop Law Group PC, Wendy Buskop, November 18, 2008: US07452515 (19 worldwide citation)

A system for making a biodiesel fuel using a biofuel reactor with at least one chamber and at least a two atomizers in each chamber, at least one atomizer with biofuel feedstock nozzles, and a second atomizer with alcohol with catalyst nozzles to simultaneously atomize and quickly react the biofuel ...

LIPPMEIER JAMES CASEY: Recombinant thraustochytrids that grow on xylose, and compositions, methods of making, and uses thereof. MARTEK BIOSCIENCES CORPORATION, Kim Judith U, July 28, 2011: WO/2011/090730 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to recombinant thraustochytrids that grow on xylose and cell cultures comprising the recombinant thraustochytrids as well as methods of producing cell cultures, biomasses, microbial oils, compositions, and biofuels using the recombinant thraustochytrids.

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