Christof Lafleur, Harry Bouknight Jr, Harry Bouknight Sr: System for creating a biofuel. Biofuels Allied, Powertech International Holding, Buskop Law Group PC, Wendy Buskop, November 18, 2008: US07452515 (20 worldwide citation)

A system for making a biodiesel fuel using a biofuel reactor with at least one chamber and at least a two atomizers in each chamber, at least one atomizer with biofuel feedstock nozzles, and a second atomizer with alcohol with catalyst nozzles to simultaneously atomize and quickly react the biofuel ...

David Soane, Michael C Berg, William M Mowers: Methods and apparatus for removal of degradation byproducts and contaminants from oil for use in preparation of biodiesel. Soane Energy, Elmore Patent Law Group P C, Carolyn S Elmore, Mahreen Chaudhry Hoda, December 1, 2009: US07626048 (20 worldwide citation)

Methods, particles, and devices are disclosed for filtration of oil for use of the oil in the preparation of biodiesel. Disclosed particles may comprise a substantially inert porous particle with a coating comprising a polymer having amine, amino, and/or imine group(s).

Duane Goetsch, Ian S Machay, Lloyd R White: Production of biodiesel and a side stream of crude glycerol which is converted to methanol. G D O, Henry E Naylor, January 12, 2010: US07645807 (20 worldwide citation)

Production of biodiesel from vegetable and animal oils with conversion of a by-product crude glycerol stream to methanol. The crude glycerol stream is combined with superheated steam and oxygen to produce a synthesis gas that is then passed to a methanol synthesis reaction zone to produce methanol.

KIM MANHOE: Supported catalyst systems and method of making biodiesel products using such catalysts. WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY, Weiss Keith D, September 16, 2010: WO/2010/104844 (20 worldwide citation)

A heterogeneous catalyst system, a method of preparing the catalyst system and a method of forming a biodiesel product via transesterification reactions using the catalyst system is disclosed. The catalyst system according to one aspect of the present disclosure represents a class of supported mixed ...

Kelly Sandy, Baum Laurence: A biodiesel manufacturing system and apparatus. The Biofuel Partnership, Kelly Sandy, Baum Laurence, CULLEN Level 26239 George StreetBrisbane Queensland 4000, July 23, 2009: WO/2009/089591 (20 worldwide citation)

A biodiesel manufacturing plant including a housing containing a power generation means, an oil expeller for mulching raw feedstock to extract raw oil from the feedstock, a mixer/reaction vessel in which the raw oil is mixed with a catalyst material and at least one separation means to separate meth ...

Horton Colin: Biodiesel production. Greenergy Biofuels, Horton Colin, FJ CLEVELAND, October 11, 2007: WO/2007/113530 (20 worldwide citation)

The disclosure elates to the field of biodiesel production to provide fuel for diesel internal combustion engines. In particular, the disclosure seeks to provide an improved process for manufacturing diesel fuels having at least a component derived from waste natural (non- synthetic) oils which are ...

Mahmoud Bahy Noureldin: Energy efficient apparatus employing energy efficient process schemes providing enhanced integration of gasification-based multi-generation and hydrocarbon refining facilities and related methods. Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Bracewell, Constance G Rhebergen, Christopher L Drymalla, February 7, 2017: US09562201 (19 worldwide citation)

Energy-efficient gasification-based multi-generation apparatus, facilities, or systems, and methods of modifying existing gasification-based multi-generation apparatus and the various conventional thermal coupling arrangements, are provided. Apparatus for managing waste heat recovery through integra ...

Tirmizi Shakeel H: Process for combined biodiesel and alcohol production, and fuel compositions produced therefrom. RANGE FUELS, O Connor Ryan, August 26, 2010: WO/2010/096549 (19 worldwide citation)

Improvements to biodiesel compositions, and methods for making those compositions more efficiently, are provided. Some variations of this invention provide processes for producing biodiesel and at least one C1-C4 alcohol, such as ethanol. Other variations provide certain biodiesel compositions conta ...

Tremblay André Yves, Dubé Marc Arnold, Cao Peigang: Biodiesel production using ultra low catalyst concentrations in a membrane reactor. University Of Ottawa Technology Transfer And Business Enterprise, Tremblay André Yves, Dubé Marc Arnold, Cao Peigang, MARSMAN Kathleen E, May 28, 2009: WO/2009/065229 (19 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a fuel or fuel additive comprising providing a reaction mixture comprising oil and an alcohol in an oil-in-alcohol emulsion and a catalyst for converting the oil to the fuel or the fuel additive. The oil and the alcohol are reacted in the presence of the catalyst, at a concent ...

Oku Tomoharu, Nonoguchi Masanori, Moriguchi Toshimitsu: Method of production of fatty acid alkyl esters and/or glycerine and fatty acid alkyl ester-containing composition. Nippon Shokubai, Oku Tomoharu, Nonoguchi Masanori, Moriguchi Toshimitsu, YASUTOMI Yasuo, March 10, 2005: WO/2005/021697 (18 worldwide citation)

The method of producing fatty acid alkyl esters and/or glycerine of the present invention is a method of producing high-purity fatty acid alkyl esters and/or glycerine advantageously from the energy viewpoint while reducing the energy consumption of the production, and the products can be used in va ...

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