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The present invention relates to an improved process for the preparation of biodiesel from triglyceride oils through transesterification, particularly the fatty acid methyl ester of oil mechanically expelled from whole seeds of Jatropha curcas, a plant with potential for cultivation on wastelands in ...

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(EN) [PROBLEMS] To provide a biodiesel fuel having excellent oxidation stability, and to provide a novel technique for producing a mixture of biodiesel fuel having excellent oxidation stability and a light oil. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] An fatty acid alkyl ester (1) prepared from a transesterifie ...

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Use of glycerol obtained from renewable raw materials, as starting product for producing organic compounds. Process for producing dichloropropanol, according to which glycerol is subjected to a reaction with a chlorinating agent, with the exception of a batch reaction carried out in the presence of ...

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Energy-efficient gasification-based multi-generation apparatus, facilities, or systems, and methods of modifying existing gasification-based multi-generation apparatus and the various conventional thermal coupling arrangements, are provided. Apparatus for managing waste heat recovery through integra ...

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This invention relates to the use of blends of diethanolamine derivatives and biodiesel as an additive for improving lubricity in low sulfur fuels and to fuels and additive concentrates comprising said lubricity additives.

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A system and method for converting a high free fatty acid grease feedstock to biodiesel. The process comprises a glycerolysis reaction to convert free fatty acids to glycerides and a base catalyzed transesterification reaction to produce fatty acid methyl esters and glycerin in the absence of solven ...

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A process for producing biodiesel has been invented by first extracting lipids from the sludges generated during primary and/or biological treatment of municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastewaters using primary, secondary, and tertiary treatments followed by the transesterification of the ext ...

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In a first aspect, systems and methods for producing biodiesel fuel include a modular production unit incorporated onto a single platform or into a housing for ease of relocatability. The modular production unit preferably includes a mixing unit, a reactor unit, a separation unit, a distillation uni ...

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The invention discloses a method and a process to cost effectively manufacture biodiesel feedstock from crude vegetable oils and or animal fats (represented by the dotted arrows) via continuous process by attaching a specially designed modified and simplified oil refinery as in Figure 1, wherein the ...

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This invention relates to alternative diesel fuels with improved cold flow properties. The alternative fuel may be a biodiesel which typically comprises fatty acid methyl or ethyi esters; or a diesel fuel blend including diesel fuel derived from a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reaction and possibly comprisin ...