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Hydrolytically degradable polymers in the form of biodegradable disposable medical devices for use in medicine and laboratories such as syringes, test tubes, catheters, tubing, trays, medical fabrics, and gloves are described. The devices are formed in whole or in part of a hydrolytically degradable ...

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Disclosed are processes and systems for the production of useful organic products from diverse lignocellulose-containing biomass having increased yield and efficiency over existing processes. In particular, the present invention integrates dilute acid hydrolysis and alkaline delignification techniqu ...


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The production of polysaccharide networks, especially starch networks, having a high network density, high solidity, a low swelling degree, and exhibiting reduced water absorption and to the uses thereof, especially, in the filed of biodegradable plastics.

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The invention generally relates to golf bags. A golf bag of the invention may include a detachable and re-attachable storage compartments. A golf bag may include retractable straps. A golf bag of the invention may include power collection and power plug-in devices.

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A method for producing biodegradable plastic from natural materials containing polysaccharides by treating the polysaccharide-containing materials with a basic aqueous solution, subsequently treating the mixture with a modifying material that converts pendant hydroxyl groups at any carbon atom of th ...

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A method of making an article of footwear comprises the steps of: applying a breathable matrix material to a die placing the die within a mould injecting liquid plastics polymer into the mould through a plurality of inlets, such that it comes into contact with the matrix material allowing the polyme ...

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Sucrose ester and ether products, useful as food or beverage bulking agents, reduced calorie sweeteners, fat replacement agents, stabilizing agents, thickening agents and emulsifying agents; adhesives; biodegradable plastics and films; sizing agents for paper and textiles; ethical pharmaceuticals an ...

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The present invention relates to a method for producing lactic acid with high concentration and high yield using Lactobacillus paracasei CJLA0310 KCCM-10542 that is separated and identified from Kimchi. Lactic acid is a very important organic acid with a wide range of applications including food add ...

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A method of making an article of footwear (24, fig 4) comprises the steps of applying a matrix material or "sock" 14 to a die 12 , placing the die 12 within a mould 16 , injecting liquid plastics polymer into the mould 16 such that it comes into contact with the matrix material 14, allowing the poly ...