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The present invention provides tools and methods for producing organic acids using strains of Monascus which are tolerant to high organic acid concentrations at low pH.

Abdul Rasoul Oromiehie, Pegah Gusheh: Biodegradable nanocomposites containing nanoclay and titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Azadeh Saidi, November 14, 2017: US09815949

In the present invention, biodegradable nanocomposites are introduced which include nanoclay particles, titanium dioxide nanoparticles, polyethylene, polypropylene, starch as a biopolymer, maleic anhydride and glycerol. The obtained nanocomposites have very high physical, mechanical and antimicrobia ...

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A generator includes a sliding member, a first power generation element and a second power generation element. The sliding member is made of a biomass-containing material. The first power generation element is configured to slide with respect to the sliding member. The second power generation elemen ...

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An object is to improve both slow crystallization and brittleness that are drawbacks of polyhydroxyalkanoates, so that processability in mold processing, such as injection molding, is improved, processing speed is increased, and ductility is imparted to a resulting molded article. Provided is an ali ...

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Shielding for the protection of plants and seedlings from ground pests is provided. Shields can be comprised of materials including biodegradable materials that have the advantage of being formed into plant protection shields with various features, such as by an injection molding process, but that c ...

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A colour laser markable laminate includes a colour laser markable layer including a leuco dye and an infrared absorbing compound, an optional adhesive layer, a polymeric support, an optional outerlayer, wherein the colour laser markable layer further includes an acid scavenger. The support, the opti ...

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Sucrose ester and ether products, useful as food or beverage bulking agents, reduced calorie sweeteners, fat replacement agents, stabilizing agents, thickening agents and emulsifying agents; adhesives; biodegradable plastics and films; sizing agents for paper and textiles; ethical pharmaceuticals an ...

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A method of biologically treating wastewater and, at the same time, incorporating processes that aim to increase the PHA accumulation potential of biomass used in the treatment of the wastewater. The method includes biologically treating the wastewater and enhancing PHA accumulation potential of the ...

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The present invention teaches a method of making a custom article of footwear. Further, the article of footwear can include a knitted upper and means for cushioning. In addition, the components of the article of footwear can be selected from a wide range of options, and can be easily removed and rep ...

Phatthanon Prasitchoke, Nilubon Jong Anurakkun, Wasana Jamsak, Chaya Chandavasu, Montree Pleekhunt: Bio-based polymer additive, a process for preparing the bio-based polymer additive and a biodegradable polymer composition comprising said bio-based polymer additive. PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY, LeClairRyan a Professional Corporation, November 28, 2017: US09828490

The present invention disclosed a bio-based polymer additive, its preparation process and a biodegradable polymer composition comprising the said bio-based polymer additive for use in manufacturing of biodegradable plastic. The said additive is prepared from the biomass of broken microorganism cell ...