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A method of producing bio-fuels by causing an enzyme to act on the oils and fats in a waste clay to decompose them into a fatty acid which is then reacted with a lower alcohol to form an ester that can be used as a bio-fuel. An environment friendly bio-fuel is obtained from the starting waste clay t ...

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(EN) The present invention relates to an electromagnetic bioaccelerator for obtaining biomass by simulating marine environmental conditions, comprising at least the following elements: octagonal biomass converters (1), seawater reserve tanks (3), particle filters (4), UV light filters (5), supply an ...

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The present invention concerns the production of solid biofuel (pellets, briquettes, etc) made from biomass that has, been produced in organized cultivation of the weed Cynara cardunculus, and its utilization instead of oil for heat production on a domestic or industrial use or for electricity produ ...

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A motor fuel providing higher gas mileage comprising gasoline produced from petroleum and from about 1 to 30wt% of mesitylene. This fuel can advantageously contain conventional additives used in gasoline. The use of mesitylene in gasoline blend yields a fuel blend with a higher research octane numbe ...

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The invention relates to a process and a system for manufacturing synthesis gas from biomass by pyrolysis. The process comprises the following steps of: 1) pre-treating biomass raw materials; 2) performing pyrolysis on the biomass raw materials by adopting quick biomass pyrolysis technology to obtai ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an enzyme electrode capable of being utilized as a high sensitivity sensor, a high-output bio-fuel cell or an electrochemical reactor of high reaction efficiency.SOLUTION: The enzyme electrode has a conductive substrate, the fusion protein fixed to the conductive sub ...

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The present invention relates to process for the recovery of butanol from an aqueous medium by adsorbing butanol to a hypercrosslinked microporous resin. The invention further relates to a process for the fermentative production of butanol comprising fermenting a microorganism capable of producing b ...

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The present disclosure provides methods and systems related to producing a bio-fuel from a source such as a grain or algae, whereby a residual source wastestock remains after the production of the bio-fuel, providing an animal feedlot including animal manure wastestock, anaerobically digesting at le ...

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The current invention relates to a thermophilic bacterium capable of producing butanol and/or hydrogen from glycerol, including its use and methods related to the production of biomass, bio-fuel, bio-gas, and/or bio-chemical(s).

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A transdermal drug delivery system having at least one patch (20) with an electro-osmotic, electro porous membrane (26) comprised of an inert biochemical substance which becomes actively electro-osmotic when an electric charge is passed through the membrane enabling a drug solution passing through t ...