Paul J Berlowitz, Timothy Andrew Barckholtz, Frank H Hershkowitz: Integration of molten carbonate fuel cells in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Liza Negron, David M Weisberg, May 9, 2017: US09647284

In various aspects, systems and methods are provided for integration of molten carbonate fuel cells with a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process. The molten carbonate fuel cells can be integrated with a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process in various manners, including providing synthesis gas for use in pr ...

Darton J Zink, Rex K Isaacs, A S, Charles E Benson, Roberto O Pellizzari, Cody L Little, Seth A Marty, K Parker Imel, Jonathon E Barnes, Chris S Parker: Fuel-flexible burner apparatus and method for fired heaters. ZEECO, Dennis D Brown, Brown Patent Law P L L C, March 14, 2017: US09593847

A burner apparatus for a fired heating system and a method of burner operation. The burner provides stable operation when burning gas fuels having heating values ranging from low to high and accommodates sudden wide changes in the Wobbe value of the fuel delivered to the burner. The burner apparatus ...

Phillip Guy Hamilton, Corey William Radtke, Keith Michael Kreitman, Paul Richard Weider, Robert Lawrence Blackbourn: Methods and systems for processing biomass material. SHELL OIL COMPANY, April 18, 2017: US09624436

Embodiments of the present invention provide for efficient and economical production and recovery of ethanol or other volatile organic compounds. One embodiment comprises contacting a solid component of a biomass material with a solution adapted to facilitate saccharification. The solid component is ...

Earl D Harris, Lance D Miller, Dana S Stripe: Low-permeation flexible fuel hose. GATES CORPORATION, Paul N Dunlap Esq, Jeffrey A Thurnau Esq, March 14, 2017: US09592648

A flexible hose or a tubing having a barrier layer of polyamide 6 having an impact modifier, and/or branched molecular structure, a flexural modulus of 1 to 2 GPa and/or a tensile elongation of 100% or more. The hose may have additional layers such as an HNBR rubber inner tube, an EVM/CPE rubber ble ...

Maria Magdalena Ramirez Corredores, Lorenz J Bauer, Vicente Sanchez: Liquid bio-fuels. Inaeris Technologies, Hovey Williams, April 11, 2017: US09617489

Liquid bio-fuels and processes for their production are provided. The liquid bio-fuels can have improved stability, less corrosiveness, and/or an improved heating value.

Charles E Ankner: Method of improving the growth and production output of plants of the family. The Roy Gross Law Firm, Roy Gross, April 18, 2017: US09622426

A method of improving the growth of plants belonging to the family Cannabaceae sensu stricto by providing a plant nutrient solution about the plant roots and a gas mixture circulating about the plant shoot; by selecting the gas mixture and plant nutrient solution temperature independently of the oth ...

David A Blank: Combustion control via homogeneous combustion radical ignition (HCRI) or partial HCRI in cyclic IC engines. HCRI Technologies International, Smith Moore Leatherwood, Thomas W Epting, May 2, 2017: US09638093

A process is provided for improving combustion control and fuel efficiency in rotary and reciprocating IC engines by enabling leaner combustion at higher compression ratios using less heat for ignition. Embodiments employ secondary chambers of minimal total volume within a cylinder periphery. These ...

David S Stapp: System and method for generating power using a supercritical fluid. Peregrine Turbine Technologies, Baker & Hostetler, January 10, 2017: US09540999

A dual cycle system for generating shaft power using a supercritical fluid and a fossil fuel. The first cycle is an open, air breathing Brayton cycle. The second cycle is a closed, supercritical fluid Brayton cycle. After compression of air in the first cycle, the compressed air flows through a firs ...

Alvin J M Smucker: Subsurface barrier retention system and methods related thereto. BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, Clark IP Law, April 11, 2017: US09615518

A subsurface retention barrier system installed in situ to retain water in a projected root zone of one or more plants is disclosed. An apparatus and system for installing the subsurface retention barriers and methods related thereto are also disclosed.

Maria Magdalena Ramirez Corredores, Vincente Sanchez Iglesias: Production of renewable bio-gasoline. KiOR, Hovey Williams, June 23, 2015: US09062264

A process and system for separating bio-gasoline, bio-diesel and bio-fuel oil fractions from a bio-oil, and for producing a renewable gasoline including at least in part the bio-gasoline fraction, is provided. The process comprises separating bio-oil into a bio-gasoline fraction and a heavy fraction ...

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