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A basketball goal includes an upright member and a backboard assembly and connecting members for mounting the backboard assembly to the upright member. A pivoting member is used to pivot the backboard assembly to raise or lower the rim. Locking members are also provided to secure the backboard into ...

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This invention pertains to the encapsulation of a cellular insert, in the form of cellular components, formed of woven material fabricating such cellular components that present voids or cavities therein, or which may be formed from spirally or helically wound strands of a polymer having a hardness ...

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A large basket shaped framework enclosed by an outer covering is positioned beneath a basketball basket. A chute leads from the bottom of this framework to a basketball return mechanism. The return mechanism comprises a motor driven rotating projecting arm and a transfer arm for transferring a baske ...

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A portable basketball goal assembly which includes an anchor, a goal post, a backboard, and a basket. The mass of the anchor is variable to promote mobility. The anchor includes a nonpermeable receptacle which facilitates the storage of a volume of substance, such as water. The container may be eith ...

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A preferred embodiment of a basketball backboard is blow-molded from polyethylene. The backboard includes a front layer, a back layer, a plurality of offsets, and an edge wall which are homogeneously secured to one another during the blow-molding process and which together define an interior volume ...

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A new and improved basketball gripping glove or gripping glove for any similar size spherical object or ball to be worn by a Basketball player or other athlete. The glove is constructed of a wrist anchor strap with a plurality of five elastomeric bands extending therefrom the other end of the bands ...

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This document provides methods and materials for securely retaining electronic components within an inflatable object. For example, basketballs having a boot structure for securely retaining one or more electronic components (e.g., a sensor and/or a battery) within the basketball are provided.

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Portable, lightweight-construction toy basketball set made of releasably interlocking plastic parts for ease of assembly and disassembly in which backboard structure and a base support are interconnected by an elongated upright standard. An elongated upright is provided which is divisible into separ ...

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Basketball hoop and board support structure constructed for mounting to an upright standard. The support structure basically comprises a three dimensional parallelogram having nominally parallel but adjustable parallelogram bars and also vertical, forward and rearward elemental frame structures. The ...

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A basketball includes a ball bladder, a plurality of cloth pieces, and a plurality of rubber patches. The ball bladder has an outer surface, which is formed with a rib network that divides the outer surface of the ball bladder into a plurality of areas and that has a top surface. Each of the areas h ...