Ray Tapia: Cap assembly. James E Brunton, October 17, 1989: US04873726 (71 worldwide citation)

An adjustable baseball type cap assemblage having a crown portion and various interchangeable visor portions. Insignia patches of various styles can be removably affixed to the selected visor and crown portions so that one cap assembly can be modified to identify with two or more athletic teams.

Garry A Brannon, Michael S Jacobson: Patch attachments for hats. Richard C Litman, November 1, 1994: US05359733 (69 worldwide citation)

The instant invention provides a hat that may simultaneously accept a plurality of patches. The patches may be connected to the hat by hook and loop fasteners. The hat may be a six-panel baseball cap having an area of hook material either integrally forming a portion of the cap or retrofitted to a p ...

Patrick J Ramone, Paul M Murphy: Protective garment for sports participation. Hardcore Sports, Connolly & Hutz, April 22, 1997: US05621914 (68 worldwide citation)

A protective garment minimizes injury to the wearer resulting from an impact to the general area of the heart. The garment is particularly adapted for use in sports participation such a little league baseball. The garment includes a shirt having a front side with a pocket on the inside of the shirt ...

Lance K Halverson: Weight equalized foldable bat rack. Rolf Sporting Goods, Graybeal Barnard & Uhlir, September 20, 1977: US04049126 (67 worldwide citation)

A portable bat rack having a first configuration attachable to a fence for the storage of baseball bats and a more compact second configuration of smaller dimensions for transporting the bat rack. The bat rack is front suspended adjacent each end minimizing tilting by partially equalizing the moment ...

Craig Enokian: Video game with playback of live events. Ernest Kettelson, May 5, 1987: US04662635 (66 worldwide citation)

A video game in which a television screen or cathode ray tube is used to display a variety of plays previously preformed by living beings and recorded at the time on a video recording medium, such as video tape or video disks, the particular previously performed play which is displayed during each t ...

Richard A Hand, John L Watkins: Apparatus for evaluating baseball pitching performance. Fortune 100, Glaser Griggs & Schwartz, January 7, 1986: US04563005 (66 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for detecting and computing the location of a baseball as it is pitched over a plate is disclosed. Infrared receivers are disposed at corner locations on opposite sides of a target zone which is aligned with the plate. First and second arrays of infrared emitters are mounted on opposite si ...

Eric Bromley: Electronic baseball game apparatus. Fishman Dionne & Cantor, June 25, 1991: US05026058 (65 worldwide citation)

An electronic baseball game is presented which permits the human operators to input individualized attributes or statistical information relative to the batter, runner and pitcher based on real or fictionalized baseball players. In a preferred embodiment, this statistical information is encoded as a ...

Richard H Cavallaro, James R Gloudemans, Stanley K Honey, Terence J O&apos Brien, Alan C Phillips, William F Squadron, Marvin S White: System for determining the end of a path for a moving object. Sportvision, Vierra Magen Marcus Harmon & DeNiro, October 16, 2001: US06304665 (65 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed that can determine the distance a baseball would have traveled after being hit if its path was not interrupted. Thus, when a player hits a home run and the ball collides with an obstruction such as the seating area of a stadium or a wall, the present invention can determine how ...

Kenneth E Jones: Baseball soft-toss pitching machine and method. Philip A Dalton, March 24, 1992: US05097985 (65 worldwide citation)

A soft-throw machine is disclosed that dispenses softballs or baseballs or other articles one at a time (or alternatively, a selected plurality or multiplicity at a time) from a reservoir onto a chute for delivery to a hitting area where a person may strike the ball. In addition to its automatic dis ...

Kenneth N Telford: Portable swing speed analyzer. Telford Golf Enterprises, Novatech IP Law, August 10, 2010: US07771263 (64 worldwide citation)

Provided is a swing speed analyzer for mounting on a swinging implement and comprising a first accelerometer, a processor and a shock attenuator. The processor uses an output from the first accelerometer to compute a swing speed of the swinging implement. The shock attenuator is comprised of a mater ...

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