Dwain Dial, Hong T Lin Jr, Michael Yang, Ding Li Huang, Teng C Lu: Baseball having inherent speed-measuring capabilities. Monogram Models, Milton S Gerstein, Marvin N Benn, October 4, 1988: US04775948 (73 worldwide citation)

A baseball with a self-contained speed-measuring module positioned within a hollowed-out portion of the solid core of the ball, with the upper portion of the module being a display unit that indicates the speed at which the baseball was thrown over a fixed distance, the read-out of the display unit ...

Frederick T Haas Jr: Synthetic turf playing surface with resilient top-dressing. Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Koch, June 29, 1982: US04337283 (72 worldwide citation)

A playing surface for athletic games comprising a stable subsurface, a pile fabric resembling grass and a compacted top-dressing comprising a mixture of from 25 to 95 volume percent resilient particles and from 5 to 75 volume percent fine sand. The inventive surface is particularly suited for use as ...

Kevin J Crowley, Channing Souther: Outsole for athletic shoe. Converse, July 12, 1983: US04392312 (72 worldwide citation)

A molded outsole for an athletic shoe including molded, non-metallic studs or cleats includes a plurality of first substantially identical studs and a plurality of second substantially identical studs. The first studs have a shape characterized by three partially-overlapping frustoconical shapes, bl ...

Herbert Wiener, Michael Steven Budlow, Robert D Alessio: Methods and apparatus for playing baseball gambling games. June 23, 1998: US05769714 (71 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses casino baseball gambling games played on electronic video gaming devices including a microprocessor, computer memory chips, programming software or firmware, a video display, control input buttons, and a coin acceptor. In a first embodiment of the invention, multiple ...

Thomas R Johnson: Baseball cap light. Harry W Cross Jr, April 21, 1998: US05741060 (69 worldwide citation)

A combination baseball style cap and light assembly, wherein the cap has a crown, a bill extending from the crown, a sweatband liner circumscribing the bottom edge of the cap, and a reinforcing crown liner, has a double light and switch assembly comprising two lamp sockets affixed to a mounting plat ...

Robert M T Kramer: Adjustable grips for a ball bat. Malin Haley DiMaggio & Crosby PA, November 24, 1998: US05839983 (69 worldwide citation)

A ball bat grip for improving the gripping action of a batter for baseball or softball, which is useful for left handed or right handed players and which allows the grip to be comfortably adjusted for alignment of the knuckles. The grip includes independent upper and lower grip portions, manually mo ...

David J Hall, Jonnathan H Kim: System and method for using impulse radio technology to track the movement of athletes and to enable secure communications between the athletes and their teammates, fans or coaches. Time Domain Corporation, William J Tucker, December 9, 2003: US06661342 (69 worldwide citation)

A system, electronic device and method are provided that utilize the positioning capabilities of impulse radio technology to track one or more moving athletes. The movement of these athletes can be displayed on a television, a handheld unit or an Internet site. In addition, the present invention can ...

Ray Tapia: Cap assembly. James E Brunton, October 17, 1989: US04873726 (65 worldwide citation)

An adjustable baseball type cap assemblage having a crown portion and various interchangeable visor portions. Insignia patches of various styles can be removably affixed to the selected visor and crown portions so that one cap assembly can be modified to identify with two or more athletic teams.

Eric Bromley: Electronic baseball game apparatus. Fishman Dionne & Cantor, June 25, 1991: US05026058 (63 worldwide citation)

An electronic baseball game is presented which permits the human operators to input individualized attributes or statistical information relative to the batter, runner and pitcher based on real or fictionalized baseball players. In a preferred embodiment, this statistical information is encoded as a ...

Kenneth E Jones: Baseball soft-toss pitching machine and method. Philip A Dalton, March 24, 1992: US05097985 (63 worldwide citation)

A soft-throw machine is disclosed that dispenses softballs or baseballs or other articles one at a time (or alternatively, a selected plurality or multiplicity at a time) from a reservoir onto a chute for delivery to a hitting area where a person may strike the ball. In addition to its automatic dis ...

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