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An application of rate gyros and accelerometers allows electronic measurement of the motion of a rigid or semi-rigid body, such as a body associated with sporting equipment including a fly rod during casting, a baseball bat, a tennis racquet or a golf club during swinging. For instance, data can be ...

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A device for measuring a movable object, such as a baseball, football, hockey puck, soccer ball, tennis ball, bowling ball, or a golf ball. Part of the device, called the object unit, is embedded, secured, or attached to the movable object of interest, and has a spin detection circuit, electronic pr ...

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A shock and vibration handle for application to the hand gripping portion of the normal handle of an impacted, vibration sensitive item, such as, a tennis racket, a racquetball racket, a golf club, a baseball bat, and other impact devices, such as hammers, and the like. The shock and vibration absor ...

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Digital watermarks can be employed in conjunction with trading cards (e.g., baseball cards, fantasy game cards, etc.) to serve a variety of purposes. Among these are facilitating on-line collecting and game-play. Digital watermarks may also be used in distinguishing genuine cards from counterfeits.

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An athletic glove apparatus for providing a non-slip grip and for providing padding and protection to the hand and the various areas of impact for use in different sports. A baseball glove apparatus comprises a glove and a bat wrap, the glove comprising a palm truss, a thumb truss a lower finger tru ...

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An adjustable baseball type cap assemblage having a crown portion and various interchangeable visor portions. Insignia patches of various styles can be removably affixed to the selected visor and crown portions so that one cap assembly can be modified to identify with two or more athletic teams.

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An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a first communication module configured to support a first communication method, a second communication module configured to support a second communication method, a memory configured to store data used for operations of the first comm ...

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An efficient economical process is provided to produce an intricate impressive display with outstanding marketing and advertising appeal. In the process, multiple images are formed, such as on a central processing unit, the images are masked and striped, and portions thereof are superimposed. The su ...

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A baseball with a self-contained speed-measuring module positioned within a hollowed-out portion of the solid core of the ball, with the upper portion of the module being a display unit that indicates the speed at which the baseball was thrown over a fixed distance, the read-out of the display unit ...

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A sports analysis and testing system includes a plurality of high-speed digital video cameras, each aimed at a player from a different perspective to record their movements and those of a ball in play. In a baseball application, a programmed computer interfaced to the video cameras and various optio ...