Yoshi Sekiguchi, Risa S Vuillemot, Chika Sekiguchi, Juri Sekiguchi: Process and display with moveable images. Yoshi Sekiguchi, Thomas W Tolpin, February 27, 1996: US05494445 (88 worldwide citation)

An efficient economical process is provided to produce an intricate impressive display with outstanding marketing and advertising appeal. In the process, multiple images are formed, such as on a central processing unit, the images are masked and striped, and portions thereof are superimposed. The su ...

Noel C Perkins: Electronic measurement of the motion of a moving body of sports equipment. Noel C Perkins, Young & Basile P C, April 4, 2006: US07021140 (86 worldwide citation)

An application of rate gyros and accelerometers allows electronic measurement of the motion of a rigid or semi-rigid body, such as a body associated with sporting equipment including a fly rod during casting, a baseball bat, a tennis racquet or a golf club during swinging. For instance, data can be ...

Akseli Anttila, Suresh Chande, Mikko Mäkipää, Isto Männistö: Electronic coupon system. Nokia Corporation, Antonelli Terry Stout & Kraus, March 1, 2005: US06862575 (85 worldwide citation)

A system for issuing electronic coupons. A master coupon is provided by a service which may be copied by customers and placed into their individual electronic wallets. The coupons may have a variable benefit or value which may be established by a variety of parameters. The parameters include a set t ...

Ray Tapia: Cap assembly. James E Brunton, December 10, 1991: US05070545 (85 worldwide citation)

An adjustable baseball type cap assemblage having a crown portion and various interchangeable visor portions. Insignia patches of various styles can be removably affixed to the selected visor and crown portions so that one cap assembly can be modified to identify with two or more athletic teams.

David J Marinelli: Speed, spin rate, and curve measuring device using magnetic field sensors. Silicon Pie, James R Young, November 21, 2000: US06151563 (82 worldwide citation)

A device for measuring a movable object, such as a baseball, football, hockey puck, soccer ball, tennis ball, bowling ball, or a golf ball. Part of the device, called the object unit, is embedded, secured, or attached to the movable object of interest, and has a spin detection circuit, electronic pr ...

Kirk A Reinbold, Robert J Goldman: Capacitative sensor. Preventive Medical Technologies, Duane Morris & Heckscher, March 7, 2000: US06033370 (78 worldwide citation)

A capacitive force sensor which has a plurality of layers forming a force sensing detector, the detector providing a signal in response to pressure, feedback output in response to the signal from the force sensing detector and a housing for encompassing the force sensing detector and the feedback pr ...

Richard E Coleman: Hat and logo. Larry D Johnson, October 11, 1988: US04776043 (75 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an improved hat with interchangeable patches that can be selectively attached to the hat. In the preferred embodiment, the hat is a standard, billed, baseball-style cap with some portion of a phrase or logo printed on its front surface, and a strip of fastening materia ...

Edward I Jones, Gregory Wilson: Adjustable clip-on headphones. May 26, 1992: US05117464 (74 worldwide citation)

Stereo speakers 30 can be disconnected from a crossover headband 10 and clipped onto a variety of headwear in use today, such as a baseball cap, sweatband or sunvisor. A spring-loaded base piece and socket 24 allows the speaker 30 to adjust at an angle perpendicular to the user's ears and rotate 360 ...

Glenn R Bernard: Stadium game for fans. John R Ross, John R Ross III, September 25, 2001: US06293868 (74 worldwide citation)

A game which is played by fans of sports events such as baseball, football, basketball and soccer. Each player makes advance predictions as regarding the outcome they expect to occur during the event. The player records his predictions in a form that can be checked by a computer. The record of the p ...

Thomas M Harris: Baseball-strike indicator and trajectory analyzer and method of using same. Francis X LoJacono, October 8, 1985: US04545576 (73 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method to compute the trajectory of a moving object by remote, non-interfering sensors. The particular application computes the trajectory of a pitched baseball throughout its flight, including the ball's trajectory as it passes in the vicinity of a three-dimensional strike zone. Th ...

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