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A trash bag holder comprises a stand supporting a textured circular support ring over which the lip of a trash bag can be folded. A resilient tube-shaped arcuate clamp engages the ring with a layer of the bag therebetween to hold the bag onto the ring. When engaged with the ring, the ends of the cla ...

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A coin processing machine comprises a coin processing region for processing coins, a coin receiving region for receiving coins processed from the coin processing region, and a modular coin bag supporting device. The coin receiving region includes a bag clamping mechanism for holding a coin bag and a ...

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A support system for supporting a plastic bag in a household trash container wherein each of the plastic bags has at least two handles and an opening formed between each handle and the body of the plastic bag and wherein the support system may be located as desired so that the bottom of the plastic ...

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A blood bag support system is described which is very useful for supporting a blood bag in a centrifuge. The support system includes two upright support members and horizontal connecting means extending between the upright supports. A blood bag is suspended from the connecting means. The support sys ...

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A refuse bag support system for sorting and storing refuse of varying types and volume in a bag-holding structure of a total volume which is substantially less than the total volume of side-by-side bags therein if all were filled to capacity, including a pair of arms holding each bag which are movab ...

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A bag holder support system for disposable, loop handled plastic bags provides dual position mounting so that the system can be easily installed in one position to fit in restricted areas and installed in a different position to provide a maximum opening for the bag when installed in an unrestricted ...

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A trash bag support system is provided including an inner ring and an outer ring. The outer ring is adapted to snappily attach to the inner ring in order to maintain an upper peripheral edge of a garbage bag therebetween. As such, an opening of the garbage bag is maintained in an open orientation.

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An improvement for a golf bag is disclosed wherein the improvement comprises an adjustable internal supporting apparatus having a retractable spike for standing a golf bag upright on the ground which apparatus also provides general longitudinal support of the golf bag. The apparatus has a central sh ...

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The present invention provides a support system (6) for biobags (2) or disposable manufacturing components that uses one or more channels (20) filled with one or more types and/or sizes of media (13). The media (13) is fluid at atmospheric pressure but becomes rigid when under less than atmospheric ...

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A disposal bag support system is disclosed. The system includes a tubular frame and a plurality of bags, which are coupled to the frame. The frame is configured to hold a bag in an open position for the bag to receive waste. A frame that may be configured to be manipulated between a flattened storag ...