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A baby bottle for use with or without a liner in a first embodiment has a container with a bellows shaped top portion with an open end, a body portion having a pair of spaced tubular handle forming members, and a bottom portion having a closed end. The bellows is compressible for removing air from t ...

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A baby bottle 10 with two separate compartments for storage of powdered baby formula 104 and water 106. Water 106 is stored in a bottle portion 12 and baby powdered formula 104 is stored in a cartridge assembly 14. The cartridge assembly 14 consists of a housing member 16, a seal member 18, a storag ...

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A filter assembly, particularly for use with a plastic bottle having an open neck with an inside diameter of about 50 mm or less (e.g. about 25 mm), includes a tube of filtering material connected to one surface of a cap while a valve extends from an opposite surface of the cap. The tube is preferab ...

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A non-toxic luminescent nipple retaining collar is provided for baby bottles which enables those bottles to be seen and retrieved in the dark without the aid of light. The invention aids parents in locating the nursing bottle without turning on the light and completely awakening a child or others in ...

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A handle to facilitate holding a baby bottle into a drinking position by an infant having a single handle or a double handle extending in an arc in a direction from the top of the baby bottle adjacent the side wall of the bottle at the bottom of the baby bottle, the handle may be formed integral wit ...

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A container for feeding infants which has a body (20) formed by blow molding constructed of a thermoplastic material permitting light transmission. The container is shaped like a baby bottle or cup (28) and contains, in formulation, along with the thermoplastic material a thermochromic composition c ...

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A beverage preparing machine that includes reservoirs for storing a quantity of powdered drink mix, such as a powdered baby formula mix, and a volume of water, a water dispensing mechanism that includes a heating element for dispensing a given volume of heated water into a mixing nozzle and a powder ...

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There is herein disclosed a baby bottle that is adapted to be vacuum sealed having a main body formed as a bottle to receive liquid therein, the body being provided at its upper end with external threads and a removable sealed membrane which is adapted with a pull tab for removal from the main body. ...

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A pillow case having a receptacle upon its upper side in which a baby bottle is retained during a time of nursing, and the pillow case upper side including a sideward extending flap upon which a baby rests its head while sucking on the bottle nipple.

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A dishwasher basket for baby bottle parts having a wire rack construction, and comprising a bottom container for receiving caps, rings, pacifiers, etc., and a top container pivotally mounted on top of said bottom container so as to provide a hinged cover therefor, said top container having oppositel ...