Murdoch Ian Lindsay: Napkin for babies. Bowater Scott Corporation, January 12, 1971: US3554195 (29 worldwide citation)

A baby's napkin comprises a paper-thin backing sheet having a central crutch portion at the top of the sheet which is wider than a front portion at the bottom of the sheet, so that in use the ends of the back portion overlap end areas of the front portion, and one face of each pair of overlapping fa ...

Helen K Brookfield: Reusable baby napkin. Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, November 17, 1981: US04300563 (7 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a baby's napkin for a baby comprising a relatively moisture impervious outer layer and a relatively moisture absorbent inner layer secured to one another and having extended portions adapted to be tied together to secure the napkin to a baby.

Stefani Samuel: Dressing table for babies.. Stefani Samuel, June 27, 1984: EP0111888-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

1. Board for changing a baby's napkin constituted by a board (7) movably fixed to a wall (2), which can be shoved from its approximately waist-high working position, especially over a bath tub (4), into a placesaving off-position, featured by that at one side this board (7) is fitted with a slid (8) ...

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The invention concerns a napkin to be thrown away which comprises a backing and a first impervious layer, both being provided with two apertures and located against an absorbing layer. A second impervious layer is provided in order to house this absorbing layer between said first and second impervio ...

Absorbent article. Emiel Maria Josef Van Thielen, December 29, 2006: GB1096836-A (5 worldwide citation)

An absorbent article, for example a baby's napkin or pilch, having a high liquid retentivity comprises a cellulose ether capable of swelling in water to form a colloid and thus to absorb a considerable amount of liquid. The cellulose ether is distributed in granular or powdered, non-fibrous form bet ...

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914,129. Babies' napkins. GAILEY, R. P., and GAILEY, E. E. Sept. 26, 1961 [June 28, 1960], No. 22617/60. Class 141. In a T-shaped napkin comprising a main strip 10 and transverse wings 11 of towelling &c., tapes 12 are attached to the ends of the wings and one or more loops 13 are provided on the ou ...

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990,600. Napkin covers. DALMAS Ltd. April 17, 1964 [April 19, 1963], No. 15493/63. Heading A3V. A waterproof pilch comprises a sheet 1 of synthetic resin material with turned-in portions 7 and 8 welded at 6 to form pockets to receive the ends of a baby's napkin. Extensions 9, 10, preferably of the b ...

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1377541 Baby's napkin S O SVEDBERG 25 Jan 1972 [25 Jan 1971] 3470/72 Heading A3V A baby's napkin comprises a blank 10 of plastics sheeting formed with two projecting tongues 11, a liquid absorbing layer 16 enclosed by and attached to folded parallel margins 12 and 14 of the blank 10, and openings 19 ...

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763,097. Babies' napkins. TOMLINSON, K. E. Nov. 4, 1954 [March 10, 1954], No. 6936/54. Class 141. A baby's napkin, comprises two triangular pieces 1, 2, Fig. 1, of absorbent, flexible sheet material with apex portions overlapping, the overlapping portions being marginally secured together to form a ...

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428,344. Catamenial appliances. JOHNSON & JOHNSON, (GT. BRITAIN), Ltd., Slough, Buckinghamshire.-(Johnson & Johnson; New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A.) Oct. 2, 1934, No. 28209. [Class 81 (ii)] [See also Group VII] Relates to a sanitary towel, or baby's napkin, of the kind in which a filling 5 of abs ...