Alexandru A Ciubotaru: High-speed multiphase precision clamping circuit. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, May 30, 2017: US09665113

The circuit of the present disclosure is a high-speed precision clamp (voltage limiter) for overvoltage or undervoltage protection. One aspect of the circuit includes using a peak detector in the feedback path of a clamp having a super-diode architecture. The resulting circuit performs well for high ...

Weng Siyue: Control method of remote consultation. Shanghai Ebm Medical Information Systems, zhaozhi yuan, December 31, 2008: CN200710042746

The invention relates to a controlling method of remote consultation. The method comprises procedures as follows: the situation of a remote consultation site is transmitted by audio and video equipment; transmission is checked; if the transmission is successful; the consultation site is equipped wit ...

Wang Xizeng: Chinese-character digital code input method for computer. Wang Xizeng, April 19, 2000: CN98121519

The present invention relates to a digital code input method for computer Chinese characters. Each Chinese character uses six digital codes. It is easy to learn and memory, quick in input and few-in duplication code, and suitable for words, phrases input, and simplified Chinese characters and their ...


Glass Peter: Articles dameublement, Furniture construction. Virco Mfg Corporation, Virco Mfg Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, December 9, 2003: CA2273460

Specially designed articles of furniture for use in conference and office settings which include a plurality of uniquely configured supporting legs, one or more article support structures disposed centrally of the supporting legs and a novel connector member for interconnecting the support structure ...

Walker Mark E: Systeme de transactions a distance, Remote transaction system. Walker Mark E, CASSAN MACLEAN, April 6, 1993: CA1315871

ABSTRACT A remote transaction system is disclosed which may beused to conduct business transactions wherein visualcontact between a buyer and a seller is desired orrequired. A transaction booth is located remotely from anoperations center, the booth and the center beingconnected by audio and video c ...


Chen Junqiang, Du Changquan, Lin Jun: New usage for radio carrier transmitting device. Li Linqing, ZHANG HONG, December 25, 1991: CN90104288

The invention uses radio carrier wave transmitting equipment to transmit audio signal of electronic audio and video equipment. comparing with transmission line, carrier wave method has no problem in disorder of layout and no difficulty in cooperation, thus solving a problem of inferior audio effect ...

Li Wangang: Environment-friendly heat-resistant PVC shielded wire. Wujiang Qicai Electronic Technology, Zhang Shiqiong, February 10, 2010: CN200910148235

An environment-friendly heat-resistant PVC shielded wire comprises PVC insulators and annealed copper wire conductors. The PVC insulators are arranged outside the two annealed copper wire conductors.The annealed copper wire conductors are wrapped by a thread shielding layer outside and the outer lay ...

Henry E Juszkiewicz: Combination compact disc recorder and player system. Waddey & Patterson, October 7, 2004: US20040199534-A1

The combination recorder and player system includes a recorder/player unit and a remote control unit. The recorder/player unit includes a recorder/player computer system and recorder/player software that is operable to cause the recorder/player to record, play, and burn CDs. The remote control unit ...

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