Mark E Goodson: Electrical wiring system and method. David W Carstens, Kevin M Klughart, Carstens & Cahoon, April 25, 2017: US09634474

An electrical wiring system/method implementing transient voltage suppression is disclosed. The system/method incorporates HOT, NEUTRAL, GROUND wiring in conjunction with a series drop resistor (SDR) on the HOT conductor that supplies current to the load device. Parallel shunting metal oxide varisto ...

John A Hayden, Richard F Grafton, Matthew Puzey, Gordon Cheung, James Frank Galeotos: Safety node in interconnect data buses. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, October 31, 2017: US09804942

In safety-critical computer systems, fault tolerance is an important design requirement. Data buses for on-chip interconnection in these processor-based systems are exposed to risk arising from faults in the interconnect itself or in any of the connected peripherals. To provide sufficient fault tole ...

Mikael Mortensen: System and method for sampled analog clock distribution. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, March 13, 2018: US09917684

Sampled analog data are transferred between sampled analog circuits operating on respective local phase clocks which are triggered by a master clock. In response to a first (DATA READY) signal from an upstream sampled analog circuit, the sampled analog data are transferred from an upstream sampled a ...

Siddharth Devarajan, Lawrence A Singer: Bootstrapped switching circuit with fast turn-on. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, May 2, 2017: US09641166

An apparatus and method for implementing a bootstrapped switching circuit having improved (i.e. faster) turn-on time is provided. In an embodiment, an inner switching loop is implemented in a bootstrapped switching circuit where the inner switching loop is configured to turn on an input switch in th ...

Kihwan Ryu, Mingyu Kang: Device and method for controlling electric vehicle. LG Electronics, KED & Associates, May 16, 2017: US09649940

The present invention relates to a device and method for controlling an electric vehicle that enables a user to easily control a predicted distance that can be travelled by displaying the predicted distance that can be travelled in response to the power consumption of electric loads on the electric ...

Lin Zhang: Dummy signal generation for reducing data dependent noise in digital-to-analog converters. ANALOG DEVICES GLOBAL, Patent Capital Group, July 25, 2017: US09716508

Mechanisms for generating dummy signals for use in reducing data dependent noise in DACs are disclosed. Disclosed mechanisms differentiate between odd and even bits of a digital data signal to be converted and generate dummy signals by inverting some of these bits and leaving other bits as they are ...

Mouhamad Ahmad Naboulsi: Safety control system for apps in vehicles. ACT IP, July 25, 2017: US09713994

According to one aspect of one embodiment of the present invention, a safety control system for using applications in vehicles, includes, a communication device having at least one of an input accessible from within the vehicle and an output communicated within the vehicle, at least one sensor opera ...

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The present disclosure is directed to process for forming a coating layer curable at ambient temperature. This disclosure is further directed to a process for forming a coating layer using a coating composition comprising a crosslinkable component and a crosslinking component that comprises: (a) one ...

Juszkiewicz Henry E: Combination compact disc recorder and player system. Gibson Guitar, January 4, 2006: EP1611505-A2

The combination recorder and player system includes a recorder/player unit and a remote control unit. The recorder/player unit includes a recorder/player computer system and recorder/player software that is operable to cause the recorder/player to record, play, and burn CDs. The remote control unit ...

Guilleminot Pierre: Fastening system for a pivoting key and apparatus using the same.. Portenseigne Radiotechnique, January 25, 1991: FR2650117-A1

A piano-action control key TO is fastened to a support SU by means of three elastic strips L1, LC, L2, a strip LC containing a stud BE which snap-fits after insertion into the opening ET of the support. Application: audio and video equipment, in particular car radio equipment.