Chae Young Hun: Audio and video equipment for a vehicle, capable of mounting a display panel even if the display panel has a size larger than that of the audio and video equipment. Hyolim Industrial, October 6, 2008: KR1020070031548

PURPOSE: Audio and video equipment for a vehicle is provided to allow a large-size display panel to be mounted on the audio and video equipment by constructing the display panel to be rotated and moved back and forth. CONSTITUTION: Audio and video equipment for a vehicle comprises a display panel(12 ...

Oh Jong Sang: Alarm device using receiver of satellite broadcast. LG Electronics, October 11, 2002: KR1020010016890

PURPOSE: Provided is an alarm device using a receiver of satellite broadcast, which transmits the information of a member and the message of alarm situation automatically to a distant place through a network connection part when sensing the alarm situation. CONSTITUTION: The alarm device using the r ...

Ono Masaharu, Ono Hiroaki, Okamoto Tomomi: Rotary drum device and its applied audio and video equipment. Hitachi, April 10, 1992: JP1992-109418

PURPOSE: To stabilize touch between a magnetic head and a magnetic tape and to diminish a sudden deformation of the magnetic tape by making a tape traveling surface in the vicinity of the head of a drum smaller than other traveling surfaces in diameter and making it approach the side of a rotational ...




Wang Lizhen, Qiu Wanju: Network connection system for home. Yuanrong Enterprise, li shumeng, March 6, 2002: CN00123502

A network system for family features that multiple devices are connected via "1394" signal lines to the "1394" sockets arranged in a certain space, and "1394" sockets are serially connected, and the "1394" communication protocol is used to network all the device including audio and video equipment, ...

Hu Jiaming: Webpage-based method and system for checking audios and videos of others. Suzhou Codyy Network Technology, January 4, 2012: CN201110105757

The invention discloses a webpage-based method for checking audios and videos of others. The webpage-based method comprises the steps that: a communication server authenticates the authority of a received audio and video equipment binding instruction sent by a target user; and if the received audio ...

Tian Cunchao: Integrated projection screen with stereo system. Tian Cunchao, June 29, 2011: CN201110061026

The invention discloses an integrated projection screen with a stereo system. The integrated projection screen with the stereo system consists of a screen surface fixing body, a screen surface body, a power input interface, an audio input unit, and an audio output unit; the screen body is fixed on t ...


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