Mohan Perumal Karthik, Sivaramakrishnan Subramanaiam, Praveen Krishna: Method and apparatus for synchronization of slave clock to master clock. ANALOG DEVICES GLOBAL, Patent Capital Group, February 28, 2017: US09584302

Existing synchronization methods can be inefficient in hardware-assisted implementations because of the effects of various jittery events. Thus, a method and an apparatus are provided to synchronize a slave device's clock to a master device's clock for a hardware-assisted implementation. The method ...

Ali Eshraghi, Alfredo Tomasini: Modular approach for reducing flicker noise of MOSFETs. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, January 31, 2017: US09559203

In one example implementation, the present disclosure provides a modular approach to reducing flicker noise in metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) in a device. First, a circuit designer may select one or more surface channel MOSFETs in a device. Then, the one or more surface ...

Leszek Markowski, John Franetovich, Nico Corbo: Multi-piece rack shelf. Middle Atlantic Products, Drinker Biddle & Reath, May 9, 2017: US09648771

A multi-piece shelf for an electronics rack, the electronics rack having a base and at least two vertical posts. The multi-piece shelf includes at least two side brackets and a removable shelf, the side brackets being separate components from the shelf. Each side bracket includes a vertical wall and ...

Kenneth A Boehlke: Synchronization of audio channel timing. Summit Semiconductor, Chernoff Vilhauer, August 1, 2017: US09723580

Synchronization of plural outputs of data transported by a wireless network is facilitated by bandlimiting a sample clock signal controlling a rate at which data is processed by the network's devices and/or bandlimiting wall time data controlling the real time for presenting a datum.


Gabriele Manganaro, Gil Engel: Randomized quad switching. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, February 28, 2017: US09584151

Reducing distortions in a digital-to-analog converter is a challenge for circuit designers. For current steering digital-to-analog converters (DACs), a quad switching scheme has been used to remove code-dependent glitching which is otherwise present in dual switching schemes. However, due to various ...

Eric C Jones, Andrew J Allan: MBIST device for use with ECC-protected memories. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, February 28, 2017: US09583216

A system implementing an MBIST device is disclosed. The system includes an ECC-protected memory and the MBIST device for self-test of the memory. The MBIST device includes a first access port communicatively connected to the memory via a first path, the first path excluding the ECC logic associated ...

Martin Clara: Delta sigma patterns for calibrating a digital-to-analog converter. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, February 21, 2017: US09577657

A digital to analog converter (DAC) maps a digital word to an analog output. The DAC bits may have amplitude and timing errors. These errors (or sometimes referred herein as “non-idealities”) result in distortion and degradation of the dynamic range in DACs. To reduce these negative effects, delta-s ...

Dong Chen: Digital pre-distortion systems in transmitters. ANALOG DEVICES GLOBAL, Patent Capital Group, March 28, 2017: US09608676

Various digital pre-distortion systems for use in transmitters are disclosed. The digital pre-distortion system comprises an observing path, which performs either undersampling or radio frequency sampling of the output of a power amplifier. Undersampling may be performed at a rate, which causes alia ...

Craig Dwayne Ray, Michael D Collins: Miniaturized HDMI plug with plug-in retention feature. All Systems Broadband, Murphy Bilak & Homiller PLLC, May 9, 2017: US09647388

A high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) plug includes a plug body section including a rigid outer shell that includes a roof section, a floor section, and a front-facing side. A male HDMI connector shell is secured to the rigid outer shell. A retention clamp is disposed within the plug body se ...

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