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Disclosed systems include a clock-multiplying phase locked loop (PLL) generating a clock signal for a DAC comprising a plurality of DAC cells, the systems configured to control that a phase of the DAC output has a predefined relation to a phase of a PLL input reference clock. An exemplary system inc ...

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A piano-action control key TO is fastened to a support SU by means of three elastic strips L1, LC, L2, a strip LC containing a stud BE which snap-fits after insertion into the opening ET of the support. Application: audio and video equipment, in particular car radio equipment.

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An intelligent connection system of audio and video equipment provides a set of input terminal, a set of output terminal, an array switchover unit button, a microprocessor, a memory and a display. By means of judgment and control of the microprocessor, the array switchover unit of the connection inp ...

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The invention relates to a multi-function remote control with a touch screen display, including main body, a touch screen display installed on main body, a basic keypad on main body, an infrared transmitter installed on proper place of main body for transmitting remote control code, an infrared rece ...

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The device of the present invention includes electronic switch to scan the input channels of various signal source, A/D converter to sample, microprocessor to accept sample signals and main power source. When some sampled input signal is greater than some empirical value, the microprocessor judges t ...

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The rack includes holes in the shelves (6) which slot into a column (1). The column has moulding on its internal surface to support a locking rod which passes through the holes. The rod has a cap (2) which encloses the top of the column. The column is screwed (7) into the base (5) of the rack and th ...

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An electronic equipment enclosure comprises a frame structure formed from a plurality of support posts and at least partially enclosed by a plurality of panels. The panels include at least side, top and back panels defining an enclosure having a top, a bottom and a rear thereof. The top panel includ ...

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In an example embodiment, a power switching circuit of an automobile audio bus (A2B) chip is provided in a bi-directional, multi-node two-wire conductor system that includes a plurality of A2B chips interconnected on a twisted wire pair bus (A2B bus), with at least one A2B chip functioning as a mast ...

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Apparatus and methods are disclosed related to managing characteristics of a mobile device based upon capacitive detection of materials proximate the mobile device, a capacitive gesture system that can allow the same gestures be used in arbitrary locations within range of a mobile device. One such m ...

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An exemplary timing generator includes a coarse delay circuit configured to generate a coarse delayed rising edge signal and a coarse delayed falling edge signal from a reference timing signal; a fine delay circuit configured to generate a fine delayed rising edge signal from the coarse delayed risi ...