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Improved mechanisms for applying noise-shaped segmentation techniques in a multi-bit DAC are disclosed. Noise-shaped segmentation refers to constructing two or more noise-shaped signals whose sum equals the original digital input signal by splitting each word of the input signal into two or more sub ...

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An automation system including a plurality of peripheral devices, each configured to perform at least one function relating to energy consumption in a facility and an automation controller in communication with the plurality of peripheral devices and providing for the control of the performance of t ...

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The present disclosure provides a wireless network system and a smart device management method using LED lighting devices. The wireless network system includes a wireless router and a plurality of LED lighting devices with WI-FI modules that have wireless access and network switch capabilities. Thro ...

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The present invention relates to a device and method for controlling an electric vehicle that enables a user to easily control a predicted distance that can be travelled by displaying the predicted distance that can be travelled in response to the power consumption of electric loads on the electric ...

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A piano-action control key TO is fastened to a support SU by means of three elastic strips L1, LC, L2, a strip LC containing a stud BE which snap-fits after insertion into the opening ET of the support. Application: audio and video equipment, in particular car radio equipment.

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A method of detecting clock duty cycle and adjusting clock duty cycle to achieve a clock with low jitters, low noise, high common mode rejection and high power supply rejection for sampling circuit. Adjusting the duty cycle of the sampling clock can enhance data converter's performance.

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An intelligent connection system of audio and video equipment provides a set of input terminal, a set of output terminal, an array switchover unit button, a microprocessor, a memory and a display. By means of judgment and control of the microprocessor, the array switchover unit of the connection inp ...

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The invention relates to a multi-function remote control with a touch screen display, including main body, a touch screen display installed on main body, a basic keypad on main body, an infrared transmitter installed on proper place of main body for transmitting remote control code, an infrared rece ...

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The device of the present invention includes electronic switch to scan the input channels of various signal source, A/D converter to sample, microprocessor to accept sample signals and main power source. When some sampled input signal is greater than some empirical value, the microprocessor judges t ...

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The rack includes holes in the shelves (6) which slot into a column (1). The column has moulding on its internal surface to support a locking rod which passes through the holes. The rod has a cap (2) which encloses the top of the column. The column is screwed (7) into the base (5) of the rack and th ...