Howard Hing Hoi Wong, Kevin Kam Wo Mak: Method and system for classroom active learning. ACTIVE LEARNING SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS, Ella Cheong Hong Kong, Sam T Yip, January 19, 2016: US09240127 (1 worldwide citation)

A method and system for conducting interactive classroom learning that can utilize a plurality of electronic audio and video equipment, mobile computing devices, and processing servers, interconnected via a first network infrastructure in a classroom or presentation hall to deliver seamlessly intera ...

Frederick Williams: Audio-video equipment stand. Patents on Demand P A, Brian K Buchheit, Scott M Garrett, September 29, 2015: US09148977 (1 worldwide citation)

Audio-Video Equipment Stand, suitable for supporting audio and video equipment constructed from a metal alloy type material, is dominated by four vertical support columns which provide support to the audio-video equipment stand shelves, are characterized by their size material make up and the unique ...

Mark D Maddox, Michael Coln, Gary R Carreau, Baozhen Chen: Calibration techniques for SAR ADCs with on-chip reservoir capacitors. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, May 2, 2017: US09641189 (1 worldwide citation)

When reservoir capacitors are moved on-chip for individual bit decisions, a successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter (SAR ADC) has an addition source of error which can significantly affect the performance of the SAR ADC. Calibration techniques can be applied to measure and corr ...

Mohan Perumal Karthik, Sivaramakrishnan Subramanaiam, Praveen Krishna: Method and apparatus for synchronization of slave clock to master clock. ANALOG DEVICES GLOBAL, Patent Capital Group, February 28, 2017: US09584302 (1 worldwide citation)

Existing synchronization methods can be inefficient in hardware-assisted implementations because of the effects of various jittery events. Thus, a method and an apparatus are provided to synchronize a slave device's clock to a master device's clock for a hardware-assisted implementation. The method ...

Martin Clara: Delta sigma patterns for calibrating a digital-to-analog converter. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, February 21, 2017: US09577657 (1 worldwide citation)

A digital to analog converter (DAC) maps a digital word to an analog output. The DAC bits may have amplitude and timing errors. These errors (or sometimes referred herein as “non-idealities”) result in distortion and degradation of the dynamic range in DACs. To reduce these negative effects, delta-s ...

Khiem Quang Nguyen: Envelope-dependent noise-shaped segmentation in oversampling digital-to-analog converters. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, August 15, 2017: US09735799 (1 worldwide citation)

Improved mechanisms for applying noise-shaped segmentation techniques in a multi-bit DAC are disclosed. Noise-shaped segmentation refers to constructing two or more noise-shaped signals whose sum equals the original digital input signal by splitting each word of the input signal into two or more sub ...

Randy Clayton, Kenneth Noppinger: Automation devices, systems, architectures, and methods for energy management and other applications. Autani, Luedeka Neely Group P C, February 21, 2017: US09575472 (1 worldwide citation)

An automation system including a plurality of peripheral devices, each configured to perform at least one function relating to energy consumption in a facility and an automation controller in communication with the plurality of peripheral devices and providing for the control of the performance of t ...

Matthew Louis Courcy: Synchronization of outputs from multiple digital-to-analog converters. ANALOG DEVICES, Patent Capital Group, February 7, 2017: US09564913 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosed systems include a clock-multiplying phase locked loop (PLL) generating a clock signal for a DAC comprising a plurality of DAC cells, the systems configured to control that a phase of the DAC output has a predefined relation to a phase of a PLL input reference clock. An exemplary system inc ...

Guilleminot Pierre Societe Civ: Fastening system for a pivoting key and apparatus using the same.. Portenseigne Radiotechnique, Philips, January 23, 1991: EP0409342-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A piano-action control key TO is fastened to a support SU by means of three elastic strips L1, LC, L2, a strip LC containing a stud BE which snap-fits after insertion into the opening ET of the support. Application: audio and video equipment, in particular car radio equipment.

Wu Yung Gang: Intelligent connection system of audio and video equipment. Wu Yung Gang, February 11, 2002: TW476172 (1 worldwide citation)

An intelligent connection system of audio and video equipment provides a set of input terminal, a set of output terminal, an array switchover unit button, a microprocessor, a memory and a display. By means of judgment and control of the microprocessor, the array switchover unit of the connection inp ...

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