Wenhua W Yang: Reducing switching error in data converters. Analog Devices, Patent Capital Group, January 10, 2017: US09543974 (2 worldwide citation)

In some converter architectures, unary digital-to-analog (DAC) converter elements generate an analog output which represents the digital input signal. Thermometer codes trigger an appropriate number of DAC elements to generate the analog output. The DAC elements are not all perfectly weighted, and m ...

Fu Chen Guo: Football mat game. Fu Chen Guo, June 22, 2005: GB2409174-A (2 worldwide citation)

A football game mat which comprises a mat body 10, on which exerciser practices, a football-shaped casing 20, which is connected to one end of the mat body. A control circuit 30, wherein an infrared transceiver circuit 31 which is installed on the same circuit board, and control circuit 30 is direct ...

Communication systems. Western Electric Co, January 16, 1974: GB1344001-A (2 worldwide citation)

1344001 Automatic exchange systems WESTERN ELECTRIC CO Inc 19 April 1971 [9 Feb 1970 (2)] 21121/71 Heading H4K In a communication system in which substations with both audio and wideband (video) equipment are connected to separate audio and wideband switching networks, the system responds to a calli ...

Howard Hing Hoi Wong, Kevin Kam Wo Mak: Method and system for classroom active learning. ACTIVE LEARNING SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS, Ella Cheong Hong Kong, Sam T Yip, January 19, 2016: US09240127 (1 worldwide citation)

A method and system for conducting interactive classroom learning that can utilize a plurality of electronic audio and video equipment, mobile computing devices, and processing servers, interconnected via a first network infrastructure in a classroom or presentation hall to deliver seamlessly intera ...

Guilleminot Pierre Societe Civ: Fastening system for a pivoting key and apparatus using the same.. Portenseigne Radiotechnique, Philips, January 23, 1991: EP0409342-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A piano-action control key TO is fastened to a support SU by means of three elastic strips L1, LC, L2, a strip LC containing a stud BE which snap-fits after insertion into the opening ET of the support. Application: audio and video equipment, in particular car radio equipment.

Wu Yung Gang: Intelligent connection system of audio and video equipment. Wu Yung Gang, February 11, 2002: TW476172 (1 worldwide citation)

An intelligent connection system of audio and video equipment provides a set of input terminal, a set of output terminal, an array switchover unit button, a microprocessor, a memory and a display. By means of judgment and control of the microprocessor, the array switchover unit of the connection inp ...

Lin Jr Shiu, Shiau Jeng Wen, Fan Yu Wu, Wang Jia Huei, Yang Jiun Kai: Multi-function remote control with touch screen display. Sun Wave Technology, September 21, 2001: TW456112 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a multi-function remote control with a touch screen display, including main body, a touch screen display installed on main body, a basic keypad on main body, an infrared transmitter installed on proper place of main body for transmitting remote control code, an infrared rece ...

Yang Leon, Liu Kenneth: Automatic on-off method and device for audio and video equipment. Avl Internat, April 13, 2001: FR2799588-A3 (1 worldwide citation)

The device of the present invention includes electronic switch to scan the input channels of various signal source, A/D converter to sample, microprocessor to accept sample signals and main power source. When some sampled input signal is greater than some empirical value, the microprocessor judges t ...

Philippe Carini, Luc Daguillon: Adjustable rack e.g. for domestic audio and video equipment. Ld Sign Sarl, September 8, 1995: FR2716783-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The rack includes holes in the shelves (6) which slot into a column (1). The column has moulding on its internal surface to support a locking rod which passes through the holes. The rod has a cap (2) which encloses the top of the column. The column is screwed (7) into the base (5) of the rack and th ...

Joshua Blaine Greeson, Steven J Gibble, Joshua James Young, Jared Keith Davis: Modular thermal isolation barrier for data processing equipment structure. Chatsworth Products, Tillman Wright PLLC, James D Wright, David R Higgins, February 14, 2017: US09572286

A modular thermal isolation barrier for use in sealing gaps in a data processing equipment structure includes an extruded edge seal and a panel. The extruded edge seal has a seal portion and a base portion with one or more channels. An edge of the panel is disposed within one of the one or more chan ...

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