Senna Da, Silva Leonardo: Integrated audio and video equipment with local and remote control capability and a remote activation system using a cellular phone apparatus in real time. Senna Da, Silva Leonardo, DANNEMANN SIEMSEN BIGLER Caixa Postal 2142 Rua Marquês de Olinda 70 22251 040 Rio de Janeiro RJ, July 17, 2008: WO/2008/083455

The present invention discloses an integrated audio and video equipment (1) having local and remote control and an integrated automation module (5), enabling the command of its own functions and the functions of external pieces of equipment, such as television sets, cable TV tuners, and extrinsic pi ...

Yang Shuguo: Scheduling method for audio/video device communicating with computer. Yang Shuguo, February 13, 2008: CN200710120463

The invention relates to a scheduling method of an audio and video equipment, which is intercommunicated with a computer. The invention is provided with the steps: (a) at least two audio and video equipment user-groups are determined to appoint a server; (b) a first user-group utilizes IP to obtain ...


Yang Bo, Chen Weishan: System and method for playing medium. Huawei Technology, November 8, 2006: CN200510102070

The present invention relates to system and method for synchronous playing medium in audio and video equipment. System includes control point control point CP, digital media server DMS, audio frequency digital medium demo unit DMR and video frequency digital medium demo unit DMR; wherein control poi ...


Kandler Michael: Audio and video equipment with direct or deferred signal output. Koninkl Philips Electronics, liu jie wang yong, November 24, 2004: CN02816855

In the case of an output device (1) for direct output or for storage and deferred output of received audio (EAI) and video (EVI) television program data, having receiving means (3) for receiving the audio (EAI) and video (EVI) data and having memory means (11) for storing the received audio (EAI) an ...


Matsui Masato: Audio and video equipment and its handling method. Sony, July 31, 1998: JP1998-200838

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the audio and video equipment which is improved in convenience and safety at the time of distribution and lowered in the cost for the distribution. SOLUTION: Main components 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 and units 10 and 12 of the audio and video equipment 8 are freely sepa ...

Ogawa Keiji, Ito Hiroyuki, Tadokoro Hiroyuki, Sasaki Kazutoshi, Aizawa Hideyuki: Audio and video equipment. Clarion, January 12, 1996: JP1996-009285

PURPOSE: To provide the audio the video equipment with good control processing capable of easily catching the characteristic image of each equalizer at the time of selection control. CONSTITUTION: The device is provided with an equalizer 3 which stores the data related to the plural equalizer charac ...

Ono Masaharu, Masuda Noriaki, Takeda Hidekazu, Inoue Atsushi, Masuoka Nobuo, Ibe Makoto, Hirayama Kuniaki, Watanabe Kiyokazu: Rotary drum device and audio and video equipment using the same and method for working rotary drum device. Hitachi, April 23, 1996: JP1996-106682

PURPOSE: To prevent excessive force from being applied to a magnetic tape by providing a recessed part on a lead of a lower drum so as to make the tape gently set on the lead at the time of winding the lead with the tape and unwinding vice versa. CONSTITUTION: When a distance from the axial center o ...

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