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An athletic shoe generally has a plurality of strips of an inextensible material, such as graphite, which extend from the lace area rearwardly over the shoe exterior and into a non-ground contacting area of a laminated sole. The weight of the wearer also bears upon the strip sole ends and aids in re ...

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An athletic shoe is disclosed having a midsole which is substantially devoid of cushioning material in the arch region. An arch member is located in the arch region to provide support to the foot of a wearer.

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An athletic shoe with a shoe upper having a plurality of panels, each of which is secured at a lower edge to the sole of the shoe, and has an arc-shaped upper edge including a high strength flexible loop of cable secured at each of its ends to the sole of the shoe. Each cable is hemmed into the peri ...

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An athletic shoe comprises an upper member and a sole member. The sole member is characterized in having a substantially flat bottom surface, a lateral channel in the sole's bottom surface at the metatarsal area of the user's foot, and a set of inwardly concave longitudinally extending channels in t ...

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A lightweight athletic shoe includes reinforcing members which provide added strength and lateral support without detracting from breathability, comfort or flexibility. The reinforcing members extend upwardly from between the sole and the upper or opposite sides of the shoe to the forward portion of ...

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A shock absorbing sole member used in an athletic shoe having an upper and a sole is disclosed. The shock absorbing sole member is comprised of an insert member and elastomeric foam encasing the insert member. The insert member is formed of resilient plastic material and includes a plurality of tran ...

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An outer sole for an athletic shoe is disclosed. The outer sole includes a base formed of a relatively thin resilient material and having a heel section, an arch section, a forefoot section, a toe section, an upper major surface and a lower major surface. A plurality of discrete traction elements ex ...

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An athletic shoe system for running disciplines and a process for emitting and/or exchanging information concerning movement factors of running disciplines enabling the athlete to always be sufficiently informed regarding his/her training program that is in progress or completed. In particular, in a ...

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A system for measuring the speed of a person while running or walking along a surface. A single acceleration sensor measures the acceleration in the forward direction and provides an acceleration signal which is amplified and subsequently sampled by analog to digital converter. The digital signal is ...

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A bladder assembly for an athletic shoe and having at least first and second chambers. The chambers are independently and separately pressure adjustable by the user to conform to different concavity areas of his foot, such as the arch, ankle and metatarsal areas, to thereby enhance fit, comfort and ...