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An armored vehicle includes a multi-compartmented cab section having an isolated driver area and adjacent crew member area each with a separate door providing access/exit therefrom. An attached vault section includes a plurality of separate cargo compartments provided with individual doors all of wh ...

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Methods and apparatus for position/orientation tracking within a bounded volume employ at least one stationary sensor, called a “witness sensor,” having a fixed position and orientation near or within the volume to account for electromagnetic distortion. One or more probe sensors are placed on an ob ...

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A lightweight armored vehicle and method of making the same is shown. The interior or a standard automobile to be equipped with lightweight armor is first stripped of its interior furnishings. Mechanisms to raise or lower the windows are removed. Doors and window frames are rebuilt to rigidly mount ...

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A flexible helmet for armored vehicle crewmen which has a plurality of adjustable straps which position ear shells and ear seals and a unitary impact-absorbing pad which forms a virtually continuous layer of protection while conforming to the head of the wearer.

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An apparatus for providing anti-mine protection for an armored vehicle, the apparatus comprising a concave floor plate (

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An envelope or panel member having formed therein a plurality of angled hing slots adopted to loosely support armor elements disposed in the designated holding slots. Air space areas within the envelope can be sealed or filled with plastic, or the like, depending on need for buoyancy to overall vehi ...

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An improved reactive armor is disclosed. The armor has means which impinge n a penetrating threat to destroy its integrity and prevent incursion to the interior of an armored vehicle.

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A mine effects simulator system for simulating the operation and encounter f land mines and their potential effects on an armored vehicle. The system utilizes an authentic land mine activation mechanism, radio transmitter and logic circuitry and provides a radio frequency signal when activated by th ...