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Apparatus consisting of a fastener or clamp, adapted to be mounted on a vertebra of a spine, said fastener comprising a rod extending mainly perpendicular to the spine, means being provided for exerting a force at one or at two different locations on said rod for creating a resultant force or a torq ...

Apparatus for exerting forces and or torques on the human spine. Lodes Instr, October 15, 1975: GB1409675-A

1409675 Traction device LODES INSTRUMENTEN BV 13 April 1973 18058/73 Heading A5R A spinal traction device comprises a frame 14, a clamp including an elongate portion 8 adapted at one end 7 to be secured to a vertebra, force generating means 10 affixed to the frame 14, means 12, 12' connecting the fo ...