James C Powers, Bogdan Boduszek, Jozef Oleksyszyn: Proline phosphonate derivatives. Georgia Tech Research, DeVeau Colton & Marquis, August 6, 1996: US05543396 (77 worldwide citation)

Peptidyl derivatives of diesters of .alpha.-aminoalkylphosphonic acids, particularly those with proline or related structures, their use in inhibiting serine proteases with chymotrypsin-like, trypsin-like, elastase-like, and dipeptidyl peptidase IV specificity and their roles as anti-inflammatory ag ...

Timo Haapakumpu, Harri Jukarainen, Juha Ala Sorvari, Henry Rankonen, Frederik E Riphagen, Wolfgang Arnold: Otorhinological delivery device. Schering Oy, James C Lydon, November 13, 2007: US07294345 (76 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an otorhinological delivery device comprising at least one pharmaceutically active agent. According to the invention the device comprises a core comprising said at least one pharmaceutically active agent wherein said core is made of an elastomer composition selected from the ...

Peter T Schroeder, Kimberly A Chaffin: Method for applying a drug coating to a medical device. Medtronic, Girma Wolde Michael, Michael C Soldner, Carol F Barry, October 16, 2007: US07282213 (76 worldwide citation)

A method for coating a medical device with a drug is provided. Energy, preferably thermal energy, is applied to a crystalline deposit of a drug on the surface of a medical device to increase the molecular mobility and form a conformable drug coating with a low density of micro-cracks and other mecha ...


Kenichi Iwamitsu, Yukio Nakamura, Masahiro Kawasaki, Yoshio Fukui: Combined anti-inflammatory agent. Nissho Corporation, Varndell Legal Group, March 10, 1992: US05095037 (73 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical composition for treating inflammatory diseases, comprising (A) an effective amount of hyaluronic acid or its salt, and (B) an effective amount of an anti-inflammatory agent. The composition exhibits a synergistic therapeutic effect on inflammations and is useful for treating inflamm ...

Renee Kaswan: Ocular cyclosporine composition. University of Georgia Research Foundation, Kilpatrick & Cody, May 2, 1995: US05411952 (72 worldwide citation)

Cyclosporine compositions for topical ophthalmic use for treatment of immune disorders, to enhance or restore tear production, and to enhance or effect normal healing of the surface of the eye, containing cyclosporine dissolved in corn oil. The composition may further include antioxidants, lubricant ...

Patrick L McGeer, Joseph Rogers, John Sibley, Edith McGeer: Anti-rheumatoid arthritic drugs in the treatment of dementia. Barrigar & Oyen, March 9, 1993: US05192753 (72 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to the novel use of anti-rheumatoid arthritic drugs in the treatment of dementia. A method of treating dementia in human beings which comprises administering to the human being a therapeutic amount of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which has the ability to inh ...

Bret A Ferree: Treating degenerative disc disease through the transplantation of dehydrated tissue. Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski PC, November 18, 2003: US06648918 (72 worldwide citation)

A method of treating a diseased or traumatized intervertebral disc is based upon the transplantation of one or more dehydrated biologic tissues into the disc space. In the preferred embodiment, dehydrated nucleus pulposis tissue is used, which may be combined with live nucleus cells. The dehydration ...

Alejandro A Aruffo, Diane Hollenbaugh, Anthony W Siadak, Karen K Berry, Linda Harris, Barbara A Thorne, Jurgen Bajorath: Antibodies against human CD40. Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Christopher A Klein, Audrey F Sher, April 18, 2000: US06051228 (71 worldwide citation)

The Applicants have discovered a novel antibody, more specifically a chimerized anti-human CD40 monoclonal antibody, which blocks the interaction between gp39 and CD40. The anti-CD40 antibodies of the present invention are effective in modulating humoral immune responses against T cell-dependent ant ...

Eugen Harri, Artur Ruegger: Organic compounds. Sandoz, Gerald D Sharkin, Robert S Honor, Thomas O McGovern, September 26, 1978: US04117118 (71 worldwide citation)

This invention provides new antibiotics produced by cultivating a strain of the fungus species, Cylindrocarpon lucidum Booth or Tolypocladium inflatum Gams in contact with a nutrient medium, the antibiotics being useful anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agents.

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