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This invention relates to a composition useful in the delivery of pharmaceutically active agents through the skin. In one embodiment of the invention, the composition is formulated with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, such as ibuprofen or ketoprofen. Such formulation is rapidly absorbed thr ...

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A pharmaceutical composition for topical treatment of cutaneous disorders or disruptions characterized by skin inflammation or hyperproliferative epidermal activity comprises the combination of a topically active anti-inflammatory corticosteroid and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent which is a ...

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Derivatives of 6,11-dihydro-11-(4-piperidylidene)-5H-benzo[5,6]cyclohepta[1,2-b]pyridine, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and solvates thereof are disclosed, which possess anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activity. Methods for preparing and using the compounds are also described.

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Pharmaceutical compositions and methods of using same comprising a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug in combination with at least one other active component selected from an antihistamine, decongestant, cough suppressant (antitussive) or expectorant are provided for the relief of cough, cold and ...

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This invention relates to substituted indole derivatives possessing lipoxygenase inhibitory, phospholipase A.sub.2 inhibitory and leukotriene antagonist activity, which are useful as anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and cytoprotective agents.

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A composition and method for the treatment of disorders having an inflammatory component comprising essentially whole cartilage, or a greater than 100,000 molecular weight fraction obtained from an aqueous extract thereof, in combination with glucosamine or a substance affording glucosamine under th ...

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New substituted azetidinones are found to be potent elastase inhibitors and thereby useful anti-inflammatory/antidegenerative agents.

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Novel pharmaceutical compositions of matter are provided comprising analgesic/non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and diphenhydramine and methods of using said compositions to elicit an enhanced analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory response in mammalian organisms in need of such treatment.

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The present invention relates to pyridine derivatives having inhibitory effects on synthesis of cytokines, which are involved in inflammatory reactions, thus being useful as a therapeutic agent for treatment of inflammation-related diseases, immune-related diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases ...

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A tissue thickness compensator may generally comprise a first layer comprising a first medicament, a second layer comprising a second medicament, and a third layer comprising a third medicament. The tissue thickness compensator may comprise a first layer comprising a first medicament, a second layer ...