James Doherty
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New substituted azetidinones of the general formula (A') which have been found to be potent elastase inhibitors and thereby useful anti-inflammatory and antidegenerative agents are described. e

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The invention relates to a directional drug delivery stent which includes an elongated or tubular member having a cavity containing a biologically active agent. In one embodiment, the active agent is diffused from the reservoir directly to the walls of a body lumen, such as a blood vessel, through d ...

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A biosensor including an external surface, and an accessory material in close proximity to the external surface. The accessory material includes a coating containing a hydrophilic material and/or a fiber modified to deliver a therapeutic agent. The biosensor modifies a biological response to the bio ...

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An anti-inflammatory agent containing microparticle composition prepared by a process, comprising (a) dissolving or dispersing an anti-inflammatory agent in a solvent and dissolving a biocompatible and biodegradable wall forming material in said solvent; (b) dispersing said solvent containing said a ...

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Disclosed is a means and method for placing an implantable neurostimulator control module into a place in the cranium where cranial bone has been removed. The method for accomplishing this cranial implantation is by first removing a patient's hair over the site of the implant, then cutting the ...

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Devices are provided having a polymer coating incorporating compounds inhibiting inflammation and infection, along with subsequent tissue growth onto and around the device. Preferred embodiments include catheters, tubes, and implants that abut tissue following implantation into the body, especially ...

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A tissue/implant interface, comprising an implant and a bioactive polymer layer adjacent at least a portion of the outer surface of the implant, wherein the polymer layer contains at least one tissue response modifier covalently attached to the polymer layer or entrapped within the polymer layer in ...

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This invention provides methods for the localized delivery of supplemented tissue sealants, wherein the supplemented tissue sealants comprise at least one composition which is selected from one or more antibodies, analgesics, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory compounds, antimicrobial compositions, a ...