Niall R Lynam: Anti-scatter, ultraviolet protected, anti-misting, electro-optical rearview mirror. Donnelly Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, May 19, 1992: US05115346 (337 worldwide citation)

An electro-optic rearview mirror assembly is disclosed which is protected against scattering fragments while reducing risk of laceration if broken/damaged, against ultraviolet (UV) radiation degradation, and against fogging or misting in high humidity conditions. The mirror may include a first eleme ...

Lynam Niall Richard: Anti-scatter ultraviolet protected, anti-misting, electro-optical rearview mirror.. Donnelly, July 24, 1991: EP0437914-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

A reduced ultraviolet radiation transmitting, electro-optic rearview mirror assembly (85) comprises first and second spaced, optically transparent elements (12, 16) mounted in a mirror case, said elements each having front and rear surfaces (13, 17) respectively and defining a space (18) between the ...

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