William C Pratt, William D McKillip: Method and system for providing animal health histories and tracking inventory of related drug usage. Micro Beef Technologies, Klarquist Sparkman, July 15, 2003: US06592517 (31 worldwide citation)

A computer-based system for providing up-to-date health histories of animals, for example, in a feedlot. The system includes indicia means associated with each animal for identifying the animal and data entry means coupled to a computer for reading the indicia means to identify the animal to the com ...

Bos Timothy, Galloway Alan: Animal health monitoring system. Biowatch, Bos Timothy, Galloway Alan, HODGKINSON MCINNES PAPPAS, November 10, 2005: WO/2005/104930 (31 worldwide citation)

The remote animal health and location monitoring system (1) includes an implantable/wearable monitoring device (2). The monitoring device includes a housing (3). The housing includes a plurality of sensors (4) configured for sampling one or more predetermined conditions of the animal. The housing fu ...

Prem S Paul, Patrick G Halbur, Xiang Jin Meng, Young S Lyoo, Melissa Anne Lum: Isolated porcine respiratory and reproductive virus, vaccines and methods of protecting a pig against a disease caused by a porcine respiratory and reproductive virus. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Solvay Animal Health, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, August 29, 2000: US06110467 (27 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a vaccine which protects pigs from a virus and/or an infectious agent causing a porcine respiratory and reproductive disease, a method of protecting a pig from a disease caused by a virus and/or an infectious agent which causes a respiratory and reproductive disease, a ...

Ivan A Casas, Bo Mollstam: Method of treating enteropathogenic bacterial infections in poultry. Biogaia, Olive & Olive, July 9, 1996: US05534253 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of improving animal health including selecting at least one L. reuteri strain, characterized by the production of .beta.-hydroxypropionaldehyde, and using the selected strain(s) along with the antibiotic, gentamycin, as an animal treatment, for example, for newly hatched poultry.

Binns Matthew, Birch Machin Ian: Expression of the non-structural protein ns1 of influenza virus and detection of anti-ns1 antibody in serum. Animal Health Trust, August 14, 1996: EP0726316-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

The nucleotide sequence of the nonstructural protein NS1 of the influenza virus A/equine 2/Suffolk/89 was determined and found to be 97% identical to that of A/equine 2/Miami/63. A similar level of identity was shown for the deduced NS1 amino acid sequence. The NS1 gene was expressed, in its entiret ...

Michael G Stratford: Belt mounted portable dispensing system for veterinary fluids. Coopers Animal Health, October 13, 1992: US05154324 (23 worldwide citation)

A portable dispensing system for administering fluids to livestock (e.g. vaccines, drenches/pour-ons) comprising a pack (1) for fluid materials attached to the operator by a belt. In use, fluid is drawn from the interior of the pack via a dip tube (7) and through a flexible delivery tube (10) by rep ...

Constantine G Boojamra, Lee S Chong, Scott J Hecker, Tomasz W Glinka, Dale E Shuster: Florfenicol-type antibiotics. Schering Plough Animal Health Corporation, May 9, 2006: US07041670 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel florfenicol compounds having the chemical structure: wherein the compounds are useful for the treatment and/or prevention of bacterial infections in a broad range of patients such as, without limitation, birds, fish, shellfish and mammals.

Neill M MacKenzie, Angela M O Sullivan: Adjuvant complexes and vaccine made therefrom. Coopers Animal Health, Kokjer Kircher Bowman & Johnson, January 12, 1993: US05178860 (19 worldwide citation)

"Iscom" adjuvant matrices, comprising a sterol, a glycoside, a solubilized water-insoluble antigen and, optionally, a phospholipid, may be formed without removing the solubilizing agent used for the antigen.

Chladek Danny W, Gorcyca David E, Harris Louis L: Viral agent associated with the mystery swine disease.. Boehringer Animal Health, March 3, 1993: EP0529584-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises the preparation and characterisation of a viral agent, which simulates "Mystery Swine Disease" and also processes for culturing the viral agent, and processes for attenuating the virus and for vaccine production.

W Jean Dodds: Animal genetic and health profile database management. Hemopet, Jan K Simpson, Fulbright & Jaworski, November 14, 2006: US07134995 (18 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and apparatus is provided for computerized management of the databases relating to phenotypic health assessment and genomic mapping and genetic screening of animals. Multiple remote users can access a computer network connected with a central database processing resource for managi ...

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