Camiel Huisma, Alison Sunstrum: Animal management system. Growsafe Systems, March 22, 2005: US06868804 (29 worldwide citation)

A highly automated non-confining system to continuously, or at selected time intervals identify, measure, monitor and manage the consumption behavior, substance intake, body weight and growth of individual animals in their usual production environment including range, pasture, feedlot, dairy and far ...

William C Pratt, William D McKillip: Method and system for providing animal health histories and tracking inventory of related drug usage. Micro Beef Technologies, Klarquist Sparkman, July 15, 2003: US06592517 (29 worldwide citation)

A computer-based system for providing up-to-date health histories of animals, for example, in a feedlot. The system includes indicia means associated with each animal for identifying the animal and data entry means coupled to a computer for reading the indicia means to identify the animal to the com ...

Prem S Paul, Patrick G Halbur, Xiang Jin Meng, Young S Lyoo, Melissa Anne Lum: Isolated porcine respiratory and reproductive virus, vaccines and methods of protecting a pig against a disease caused by a porcine respiratory and reproductive virus. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Solvay Animal Health, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, August 29, 2000: US06110467 (26 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a vaccine which protects pigs from a virus and/or an infectious agent causing a porcine respiratory and reproductive disease, a method of protecting a pig from a disease caused by a virus and/or an infectious agent which causes a respiratory and reproductive disease, a ...

Ivan A Casas, Bo Mollstam: Method of treating enteropathogenic bacterial infections in poultry. Biogaia, Olive & Olive, July 9, 1996: US05534253 (24 worldwide citation)

A method of improving animal health including selecting at least one L. reuteri strain, characterized by the production of .beta.-hydroxypropionaldehyde, and using the selected strain(s) along with the antibiotic, gentamycin, as an animal treatment, for example, for newly hatched poultry.

Binns Matthew, Birch Machin Ian: Expression of the non-structural protein ns1 of influenza virus and detection of anti-ns1 antibody in serum. Animal Health Trust, August 14, 1996: EP0726316-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

The nucleotide sequence of the nonstructural protein NS1 of the influenza virus A/equine 2/Suffolk/89 was determined and found to be 97% identical to that of A/equine 2/Miami/63. A similar level of identity was shown for the deduced NS1 amino acid sequence. The NS1 gene was expressed, in its entiret ...

Michael G Stratford: Belt mounted portable dispensing system for veterinary fluids. Coopers Animal Health, October 13, 1992: US05154324 (23 worldwide citation)

A portable dispensing system for administering fluids to livestock (e.g. vaccines, drenches/pour-ons) comprising a pack (1) for fluid materials attached to the operator by a belt. In use, fluid is drawn from the interior of the pack via a dip tube (7) and through a flexible delivery tube (10) by rep ...

Constantine G Boojamra, Lee S Chong, Scott J Hecker, Tomasz W Glinka, Dale E Shuster: Florfenicol-type antibiotics. Schering Plough Animal Health Corporation, May 9, 2006: US07041670 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel florfenicol compounds having the chemical structure: wherein the compounds are useful for the treatment and/or prevention of bacterial infections in a broad range of patients such as, without limitation, birds, fish, shellfish and mammals.

Neill M MacKenzie, Angela M O Sullivan: Adjuvant complexes and vaccine made therefrom. Coopers Animal Health, Kokjer Kircher Bowman & Johnson, January 12, 1993: US05178860 (19 worldwide citation)

"Iscom" adjuvant matrices, comprising a sterol, a glycoside, a solubilized water-insoluble antigen and, optionally, a phospholipid, may be formed without removing the solubilizing agent used for the antigen.

W Jean Dodds: Animal genetic and health profile database management. Hemopet, Jan K Simpson, Fulbright & Jaworski, November 14, 2006: US07134995 (18 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and apparatus is provided for computerized management of the databases relating to phenotypic health assessment and genomic mapping and genetic screening of animals. Multiple remote users can access a computer network connected with a central database processing resource for managi ...

William W Ruehl, David S Bruyette, David Stevens: Therapeutic effect of L-deprenyl in the management of pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism (cushings disease). Deprenyl Animal Health, Zarley McKee Thomte Voorhees & Sease, March 9, 1993: US05192808 (18 worldwide citation)

A method of treating Cushing's Disease comprising treating mammals, and especially humans, dogs, horses or ponies with from 0.01 to about 4.0 mg/kg of body weight of L-Deprenyl, preferably daily, to achieve and maintain remission.

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