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A digester tank assembly for use in digester systems for anaerobic digestion of waste water sludge comprising a tank having a fixed exterior cover, and a diaphragm member mounted in the tank dividing the tank into upper and lower compartments, said diaphragm member being positioned above the normal ...

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A low solids aqueous suspension of organic waste is treated in at least four, e.g., six serial anaerobic zones at a temperature of less than 40.degree. C. and under quiescent conditions to provide methane, fertilizer and a clean liquid effluent.

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In the process of treating organic materials comprising a preparation phase in which the organic material to be digested is mixed with an appropriate inoculant and introduced into an anaerobic digester (6), the organic materials are mixed with the inoculant in a mixer (3) in order to form a solid-ap ...

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The anaerobic, displacement-type digester is for the biological production of methane gas. The process involves the anaerobic digestion of solid waste and water or a sewage slurry to produce a methane-rich gas, which can be utilized for its energy value. The digester includes a tank-type enclosure c ...

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A novel trailer is described which is particularly well-suited for receiving, transporting and unloading sludges which range in consistency from nearly liquid to semi-solid or otherwise extremely viscous materials. The novel trailer of the present invention is adapted to selectively promote aerobic ...