Anthony J Priestley, Mark A Woods: Sewage treatment. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Cushman Darby & Cushman, January 1, 1991: US04981593 (25 worldwide citation)

The sewage treatment process combines physico-chemical clarification using fine material or clay particles with anaerobic digestion of a concentrated sewage. The particles are preferably magnetite. The sewage (10) is mixed with magnetite (12) having a hydroxylated surface layer in tanks (14, 16, 18, ...

Robert Paton: Anaerobic digestion of organic waste for biogas production. Biorganic Energy, Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman, March 5, 1985: US04503154 (25 worldwide citation)

A low solids aqueous suspension of organic waste is treated in at least four, e.g., six serial anaerobic zones at a temperature of less than 40.degree. C. and under quiescent conditions to provide methane, fertilizer and a clean liquid effluent.

Thomas J Wilhelmson: Self-contained sewage treatment system and method. Joseph L Strabala, February 26, 1985: US04501665 (25 worldwide citation)

A self-contained sewage treatment system and method includes a first waterless treating tank operable to separate feculent solids from raw sewage influent in a suspended bio-mass for effective aerobic bacterial digestion in this tank with the outlet of the waterless tank connected to the inlet of a ...

Thomas D Hayes, H Ronald Isaacson, James R Frank: Production of high methane content product by two phase anaerobic digestion. Gas Research Institute, Thomas W Speckman, February 2, 1988: US04722741 (24 worldwide citation)

An improved anaerobic digestion process is provided to enhance the methane content of product gas so that no further processing may be required for utilization as high quality, high Btu gas comprising greater than 90 percent methane. Operating conditions of lowered carbon dioxide influent concentrat ...

Robert O Hoffland: Method and apparatus for treating animal waste and wastewater. Hoffland Environmental, The Matthews Firm, February 28, 2006: US07005068 (24 worldwide citation)

Novel methods and apparatuses are disclosed for the treatment of wastewater to reduce often associated offensive odors by promoting aerobic conditions through decreasing the amount of oxygen required to maintain aerobic cultures and/or aerobic biological activity in the wastewater. Also, the wastewa ...

Frederick T Varani: Method and apparatus for processing animal waste. Bio Gas of Colorado, Edwin L Spangler Jr, June 17, 1980: US04208279 (24 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an improved apparatus for both processing and removing animal waste products from a pit continually supplied therewith which comprises a ramp-like lid partially covering the pit and cooperating with the contents thereof to seal the latter from the atmosphere except where th ...

Paul F Weaver: Photoenhanced anaerobic digestion of organic acids. The United States of America represented by the Department of Energy, Kenneth Richardson, Hugh G Glenn, William R Moser, April 24, 1990: US04919813 (24 worldwide citation)

A process is described for rapid conversion of organic acids and alcohols anaerobic digesters into hydrogen and carbon dioxide, the optimal precursor substrates for production of methane. The process includes addition of photosynthetic bacteria to the digester and exposure of the bacteria to radiant ...

David P Chynoweth: Mixed microbial fermentation of carbonaceous matter to road de-icer. Institute of Gas Technology, Thomas W Speckman, January 13, 1987: US04636467 (23 worldwide citation)

A process for production of mixed calcium-magnesium organic acid salts useful for de-icing obtained by anaerobic hydrolysis-fermentation of organic carbonaceous solids by a biologically active mixture of hydrolysis-fermentation anaerobes in which the growth of methanogenic bacteria is suppressed and ...

Masahiko Ishida, Ryooichi Haga, Youji Odawara: Process for tertiary treatment of waste waters from anaerobic digestion treatment process. Hitachi, Thomas E Beall Jr, January 30, 1979: US04137158 (23 worldwide citation)

A process for the tertiary treatment of biochemical waste waters comprising the following 4 main steps; (1) adding milk of lime to waste water from the anaerobic digestion treatment process to render the waste water alkaline and recovering NH.sub.3 by reduced pressure distillation, (2) contacting re ...

James L Gaddy: Performance of anaerobic digesters. Boyd D Cox, July 21, 1998: US05783081 (22 worldwide citation)

Methods of improving anaerobic digestion by enhancing the microorganism population through the creation of a nutrient environment more favorable for microbial growth and through the addition of microbes and, more particularly, by the addition of chelating agents, chelating agents and nutrients, and ...

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