David J Fischer, Richard M Narske, John C Thomas, Edward J Worthington Jr: System and process for anaerobic digestion. Universal Research and Development, Benjamin P Reese II, February 24, 1981: US04252901 (39 worldwide citation)

A system and a process for producing methane gas by anaerobic digestion of feed materials containing suitable organic materials. The system includes a plurality of digestion modules arranged primarily in series. Each digestion module is positioned with its slurry inlet port at a slightly lower eleva ...

Robert M Hunter: Biocatalyzed partial demineralization of acidic metal sulfate solutions. December 31, 1991: US05076927 (39 worldwide citation)

This invention comprises the steps of (1) acid phase anaerobic digestion of biomass to produce volatile acids and a stabilized sludge, (2) use of the volatile acids as the carbon source and electron donor for biological sulfate reduction for removal of acidity, metals and sulfate from acid mine drai ...

Sambhunath Ghosh, Donald L Klass: Two phase anaerobic digester system. Institute of Gas Technology, Knechtel Valentino Demeur & Dallas, March 9, 1982: US04318993 (39 worldwide citation)

A two phase anaerobic digestion process in which an initial phase continually receives an organic feed for short detention times of less than two days under conditions which efficiently liquefy and breakdown the feed to lower molecular weight acids and other intermediates for conversion to methane. ...

Jay E Ort: Anaerobic digestion process. RecTech, August 9, 1977: US04040953 (38 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the manufacture of high calorific fuel gas through a process of anaerobic digestion involving retention of a slurry of organic material, maintained at a predetermined volume-to-interface (V/I) ratio and for a desired liquid retention time, pH and temperature to produ ...

Dennis A Burke: Anaerobic digestion process. Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, May 14, 1991: US05015384 (36 worldwide citation)

An improved anaerobic digestion process for waste having concentrations of suspended solids therein including separating the solids containing active biomass from other digestion products through the use of an anoxic gas flotation separation process and recirculation of separated solids containing a ...

Leroy O Eger, Samuel C Crosby: Sanitary waste treatment plant. Thetford Corporation, Olsen and Stephenson, April 13, 1976: US03950249 (35 worldwide citation)

A self-contained toilet and sanitary waste treatment plant that has a delivery system, a biological treatment system and a water recovery system. The delivery system includes a vacuum-type flush toilet adapted to receive flush water from the water recovery system and delivery means adapted to discha ...

Masahiko Ishida, Ryooichi Haga, Youji Odawara: Method for treatment of biochemical waste. Hitachi, Thomas E Beall Jr, October 27, 1981: US04297216 (34 worldwide citation)

Method for treatment of biochemical waste which comprises adding acid to the biochemical waste to adjust pH (power of hydrogen ion) thereof, heating the adjusted biochemical waste, adding alkali thereto to neutralize the waste, and treating with anaerobic digestion.

Maclachlan John Ross, Pye Edward Kendall: Concurrent anaerobic digestion and fermentation of lignocellulosic feedstocks. Lignol Innovations, Maclachlan John Ross, Pye Edward Kendall, POLONENKO Daniel R, December 4, 2008: WO/2008/144903 (34 worldwide citation)

A process for concurrent production of lignins, fuel alcohol, and biogas from lignocellulosic feedstocks. The process comprises: (1) pretreating a lignocellulosic feedstock to produce a solubilised liquid components stream comprising lignins, lignin-derived compounds, and a cellulosic pulp stream, ( ...

Donald L Klass, Sambhunath Ghosh: Methane production by anaerobic digestion of plant material and organic waste. United Gas Pipe Line Company, Thomas W Speckman, February 23, 1982: US04316961 (33 worldwide citation)

A process for production of methane gas in higher yields and higher rates by thermophilic or mesophilic anaerobic digestion of plant material and/or organic waste in admixture with an extract of different plant material. Increases of methane yield of greater than about 25% and up to about 500% are o ...

Dennis A Burke: Anaerobic treatment process for the rapid hydrolysis and conversion of organic materials to soluble and gaseous components. Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness PLLC, September 23, 1997: US05670047 (31 worldwide citation)

An anaerobic digestion process capable of converting organic slurries to precipitates, as well as soluble and gaseous products through a series of reactors or process steps. The organic material is processed through three sequential steps consisting of two anaerobic digestion steps and an intermedia ...

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