Albert Klang: Bottle closure for collecting and trapping sediment. Norbert P Holler, March 25, 1997: US05614236 (6 worldwide citation)

A bottle closure for collecting and removing solid sediment particles from a liquid being fermented in situ in a bottle to form an alcoholic beverage. The closure has a skirt portion which is adapted to be removably fastened to the neck of the bottle and terminates at its top end in an inwardly dire ...

Naotsugu Sugimoto, Kazutoshi Torii, Yuka Tanahashi, Hideo Morita, Yuzo Watanabe, Kohei Yamamoto, Teisuke Kainuma: Soybean milk-containing alcoholic beverages. Takara Shuzo, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, April 7, 1987: US04656044 (6 worldwide citation)

Soybean milk-containing alcoholic beverage containing fermented soybean milk, acid soybean milk or a mixture thereof, alcohol and high methoxylpectin. This beverage does not result in formation of precipitates.

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A method of preparing roasted citrus fruit peel which comprises extracting the roasted peel with aqueous ethanol, removing the aqueous ethanol from the peel and roasting the thus treated peel. The aqueous ethanol may be recovered for use as an alcoholic beverage. The treated peel is useful in prepar ...


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The procedure consists of immersing a set of wooden strips or laths (2) in a cask (10) of alcoholic beverage, with the origin, quantity, contact surface area and degree of heat treatment of the wood designed according to the original qualities of the beverage and the desired organoleptic modificatio ...

Price Stephen Geoffrey: Alcoholic beverage with high nitrogen content and method of dispensing it. Bass, November 22, 1995: GB2289477-A (6 worldwide citation)

A beverage, particularly lager, has a nitrogen gas (or like inert gas) content of at least 23 mg./l. and, optionally, a carbon dioxide content of not more than 1.8 vol./vol. Such a lager, when initially dispensed, is substantially entirely latent head comprising many suspended or dispersed bubbles w ...

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Non-alcoholic beverage of the soda type consisting of plant extracts, with added sugar, citric acid and aerated water. Beverage characterised in that the plant extracts are composed of a mixture of bitter plants and of sweet plants, whose composition for one litre of soda water is as follows: Sweete ...

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A neutral tasting alcoholic beverage is prepared using,as a base, a wort made from a well modified standard brewers malt.


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In the final filtration of an alcoholic beverage such as beer, ale, porter, stout and wine, the alcoholic beverage is passed through a final filter consisting of a plastic membrane porous filter, the pores of which are smaller than yeast cells and small enough to prevent the passage of many bacteria ...