Chomel Simeon: Aerated beverage of the soda-type and process to make it.. Chan Traine Yvonne, Chomel Yvonne, Chomel Simeon, April 3, 1985: EP0136192-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

Non-alcoholic beverage of the soda type consisting of plant extracts, with added sugar, citric acid and aerated water. Beverage characterised in that the plant extracts are composed of a mixture of bitter plants and of sweet plants, whose composition for one litre of soda water is as follows: Sweete ...

Robert L Weaver, Joris E A Van Gheluwe, John A McKee: Neutral tasting alcoholic beverage. The Molson Companies, Anthony J Casella, Gerald E Hespos, January 22, 1985: US04495204 (6 worldwide citation)

A neutral tasting alcoholic beverage prepared by mashing a well modified standard brewers malt, with hops and water at a temperature of 40.degree. C. to 45.degree. C. for a period of time of between 10 to 30 minutes, and thereafter raising the temperature to from 60.degree. C. to 62.degree. C. to ob ...

Valentine David: Alcoholic beverage container. Solovino Australia, August 27, 2003: GB2385577-A (6 worldwide citation)

A sealed plastics container (20) for holding an alcoholic beverage such as wine comprises, a receptacle for containing the alcoholic beverage which includes a peripheral flange about the mouth, a biocompatible inner surface and a wall having low gas transmissibility. A sealing membrane (30) is detac ...

Weaver Robert L, Van Gheluwe Joris Ea, Mckee John A: Boisson alcoolique insipide, Neutral tasting alcoholic beverage. Molson Canada, MOFFAT & CO, August 28, 1984: CA1173382 (6 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A neutral tasting alcoholic beverage is prepared using,as a base, a wort made from a well modified standard brewers malt.


Improvements in process for filtering fermented beverages. Millipore Filter, October 12, 1966: GB1045191-A (6 worldwide citation)

In the final filtration of an alcoholic beverage such as beer, ale, porter, stout and wine, the alcoholic beverage is passed through a final filter consisting of a plastic membrane porous filter, the pores of which are smaller than yeast cells and small enough to prevent the passage of many bacteria ...

Albert Klang: Bottle closure for collecting and trapping sediment. Norbert P Holler, March 25, 1997: US05614236 (5 worldwide citation)

A bottle closure for collecting and removing solid sediment particles from a liquid being fermented in situ in a bottle to form an alcoholic beverage. The closure has a skirt portion which is adapted to be removably fastened to the neck of the bottle and terminates at its top end in an inwardly dire ...


Klose Shari, Taylor Michael Anthony: Alcoholic, ready-to-freeze beverage cross-referenced to related applications. Brown Forman, July 24, 1996: GB2297093-A (5 worldwide citation)

A ready-to-freeze, packaged alcoholic beverage having a pH of about 3.0 - about 5.0 includes an alcohol, sugar, a flavouring, water, a stabilizer blend of a locust bean gum, guar gum and, optionally, pectin, and other ingredients. The beverage is shelf-stable and can be frozen in a freezer to produc ...

Matsuura Kazuo, Sato Masanori: Ultrasonic solution separator. Ultrasound Brewery, February 16, 2005: GB2404880-A (5 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic solution separator comprises an ultrasonic atomisation chamber 104 supplied with a solution containing a target material, an ultrasonic oscillator 101 produces mist from the solution and a collection portion 105 for transporting the mist with a carrier gas and aggregating and collectin ...

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