Derek Aldcroft, John R Newton: Method for stabilizing alcoholic beverages using an aqueous suspension containing amorphous silica. Unilever Patent Holdings, Cushman Darby & Cushman, August 3, 1993: US05232724 (7 worldwide citation)

Amorphous silica can be prepared in a stable and pumpable suspension, suitable for use in alcoholic beverage stabilisation, by adding a polysaccharide or inorganic gelling agent. Examples of polysaccharides are carboxy methyl celluloses, guar gum and Xanthan gum. Preferably the suspension contains s ...

Steven P Fults: Blood alcohol content monitoring device. Aquilino Welsh & Flaxman, January 25, 2000: US06017308 (7 worldwide citation)

A blood alcohol content monitoring device is disclosed. The device includes a microcontroller storing body characteristic information of an individual and alcoholic beverage information, a clock for measuring the passage of time and a user interface coupled to the microcontroller such that a user ma ...

Miguel J Fernandez Bjerg: Alcoholic beverage still with domed conduits for vapor flow and frustum apertures for concurrent vapor/liquid flow. Gipple & Hale, October 12, 1976: US03985625 (7 worldwide citation)

A fractionating column for distilling liquor constructed as a vertical walled structure having inlet and outlet conduits. Inside the vertical walled structure is a perforation plate horizontally mounted across the walled structure, a first feed plate defining feed openings horizontally extending acr ...

Robert L Weaver, Joris E A Van Gheluwe, John A McKee: Neutral tasting alcoholic beverage. The Molson Companies, Anthony J Casella, Gerald E Hespos, January 22, 1985: US04495204 (7 worldwide citation)

A neutral tasting alcoholic beverage prepared by mashing a well modified standard brewers malt, with hops and water at a temperature of 40.degree. C. to 45.degree. C. for a period of time of between 10 to 30 minutes, and thereafter raising the temperature to from 60.degree. C. to 62.degree. C. to ob ...

Sommer Gert Dr: Process for the production of alcohol-free beverages.. Henninger Brau, March 11, 1987: EP0213220-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

1. A method for preparing a non-alcoholic beverage using yeast, malt wort with hops, or must, and employing a reactor, characterized by that a hop wort having an extract content of 2.5 to 14 % or must is cooled down to a temperature between 2 and 15 degrees C, preferably between 4 and 6 degrees C, t ...

Valentine David: Alcoholic beverage container. Solovino Australia, August 27, 2003: GB2385577-A (7 worldwide citation)

A sealed plastics container (20) for holding an alcoholic beverage such as wine comprises, a receptacle for containing the alcoholic beverage which includes a peripheral flange about the mouth, a biocompatible inner surface and a wall having low gas transmissibility. A sealing membrane (30) is detac ...

Simon Daniel Scullion, Peter Thomas Foster, Stephen Paul Smith: Method of cooling a beverage. Coors Worldwide, Baker Botts L, December 13, 2005: US06974598 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of keeping an alcoholic beverage in an open topped vessel cool, said beverage comprising a water content and a dissolved gas content, and said method comprising forming ice in the beverage in the open-topped vessel said ice having a cooling effect on the beverage, said ice being formed in t ...

E Scott Sevcik, Kevin A Brandt: Alcoholic beverage dispenser with additive injection. Pyle & Piontek, February 1, 2011: US07878370 (6 worldwide citation)

A system for introducing liquid additive into an alcoholic beverage is characterized by an alcoholic beverage dispensing faucet and at least one liquid additive delivery line routed between a supply of liquid additive and the faucet. Liquid additive may optionally, incident to dispensing alcoholic b ...

Naotsugu Sugimoto, Kazutoshi Torii, Yuka Tanahashi, Hideo Morita, Yuzo Watanabe, Kohei Yamamoto, Teisuke Kainuma: Soybean milk-containing alcoholic beverages. Takara Shuzo, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, April 7, 1987: US04656044 (6 worldwide citation)

Soybean milk-containing alcoholic beverage containing fermented soybean milk, acid soybean milk or a mixture thereof, alcohol and high methoxylpectin. This beverage does not result in formation of precipitates.

Joseph R Ehrlich, Hildegard Hess: Beverages obtained from alcoholic treatment of roasted citrus fruit peels. Jacobs & Jacobs, February 5, 1985: US04497842 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing roasted citrus fruit peel which comprises extracting the roasted peel with aqueous ethanol, removing the aqueous ethanol from the peel and roasting the thus treated peel. The aqueous ethanol may be recovered for use as an alcoholic beverage. The treated peel is useful in prepar ...

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