Miguel J Fernandez Bjerg: Alcoholic beverage still with domed conduits for vapor flow and frustum apertures for concurrent vapor/liquid flow. Gipple & Hale, October 12, 1976: US03985625 (7 worldwide citation)

A fractionating column for distilling liquor constructed as a vertical walled structure having inlet and outlet conduits. Inside the vertical walled structure is a perforation plate horizontally mounted across the walled structure, a first feed plate defining feed openings horizontally extending acr ...

Sommer Gert Dr: Process for the production of alcohol-free beverages.. Henninger Brau, March 11, 1987: EP0213220-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

1. A method for preparing a non-alcoholic beverage using yeast, malt wort with hops, or must, and employing a reactor, characterized by that a hop wort having an extract content of 2.5 to 14 % or must is cooled down to a temperature between 2 and 15 degrees C, preferably between 4 and 6 degrees C, t ...

E Scott Sevcik, Kevin A Brandt: Alcoholic beverage dispenser with additive injection. Pyle & Piontek, February 1, 2011: US07878370 (6 worldwide citation)

A system for introducing liquid additive into an alcoholic beverage is characterized by an alcoholic beverage dispensing faucet and at least one liquid additive delivery line routed between a supply of liquid additive and the faucet. Liquid additive may optionally, incident to dispensing alcoholic b ...

Naotsugu Sugimoto, Kazutoshi Torii, Yuka Tanahashi, Hideo Morita, Yuzo Watanabe, Kohei Yamamoto, Teisuke Kainuma: Soybean milk-containing alcoholic beverages. Takara Shuzo, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, April 7, 1987: US04656044 (6 worldwide citation)

Soybean milk-containing alcoholic beverage containing fermented soybean milk, acid soybean milk or a mixture thereof, alcohol and high methoxylpectin. This beverage does not result in formation of precipitates.

Price Stephen Geoffrey: Alcoholic beverage with high nitrogen content and method of dispensing it. Bass, November 22, 1995: GB2289477-A (6 worldwide citation)

A beverage, particularly lager, has a nitrogen gas (or like inert gas) content of at least 23 mg./l. and, optionally, a carbon dioxide content of not more than 1.8 vol./vol. Such a lager, when initially dispensed, is substantially entirely latent head comprising many suspended or dispersed bubbles w ...

Chomel Simeon: Aerated beverage of the soda-type and process to make it.. Chan Traine Yvonne, Chomel Yvonne, Chomel Simeon, April 3, 1985: EP0136192-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

Non-alcoholic beverage of the soda type consisting of plant extracts, with added sugar, citric acid and aerated water. Beverage characterised in that the plant extracts are composed of a mixture of bitter plants and of sweet plants, whose composition for one litre of soda water is as follows: Sweete ...

Valentine David: Alcoholic beverage container. Solovino Australia, August 27, 2003: GB2385577-A (6 worldwide citation)

A sealed plastics container (20) for holding an alcoholic beverage such as wine comprises, a receptacle for containing the alcoholic beverage which includes a peripheral flange about the mouth, a biocompatible inner surface and a wall having low gas transmissibility. A sealing membrane (30) is detac ...

Weaver Robert L, Van Gheluwe Joris Ea, Mckee John A: Boisson alcoolique insipide, Neutral tasting alcoholic beverage. Molson Canada, MOFFAT & CO, August 28, 1984: CA1173382 (6 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A neutral tasting alcoholic beverage is prepared using,as a base, a wort made from a well modified standard brewers malt.


Improvements in process for filtering fermented beverages. Millipore Filter, October 12, 1966: GB1045191-A (6 worldwide citation)

In the final filtration of an alcoholic beverage such as beer, ale, porter, stout and wine, the alcoholic beverage is passed through a final filter consisting of a plastic membrane porous filter, the pores of which are smaller than yeast cells and small enough to prevent the passage of many bacteria ...

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