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A therapeutic method is provided for use as an adjunct in the treatment of alcoholism. The method consists of extinguishing the alcohol-drinking response of alcoholics during a relatively short period of time by having them drink alcoholic beverage repeatedly while an opiate antagonist blocks the po ...

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A device is provided for recording the dispensing of a predetermined measure of a conductive fluid, e.g. water, alcoholic beverage, etc., from a container outlet. The device comprises an electrical signal generator for generating an electrical signal, e.g. a DC battery, and an electrical counting me ...

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Artificial wines, liquors, brandies and liqueurs may be made by treating vodka or other suitable alcoholic beverage with an organic acid such as citric, malic or tartaric acid, alkali metal sulfite catalyst-stabilizer and flavoring to make the desired beverage. To make wines, liquors, brandies, and ...

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Alcohol or an alcoholic beverage is produced by a process wherein a mash of cereal grains and liquefying enzymes is cooked at a temperature of from 75.degree. C to 85.degree. C which is lower than the temperature of maximum viscosity for the mash and which is higher than the sterilization temperatur ...

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A method of packaging and preparing a mixed drink and the mixed drink mixer package therefor, wherein pre-measured mixer ingredients are packaged in a container that is marketed and sold with extra head-space for the subsequent addition and shaking of ingredients according to the consumer's taste, a ...

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A method is provided for determining the amount of alcoholic beverage, or other liquids or solids, dispensed, from a container, during a specific time interval which method includes the steps of sensing a first weight of said container including the contents thereof at a first given time, converting ...

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An alcoholic beverage, or other fluid, dispenser which uses to advantage the electrical pulsing of an electric pump which, for each pulse, dispenses a discrete fluid volume, to thereby provide as a selected volume of dispensed fluid the sum of said discrete volumes. Among other advantages, variation ...

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A traditional flavored fermented alcoholic beverage of low alcohol content is prepared by reverse osmosis with a thin layer composite membrane which has a support layer of polysulfone, a barrier layer of polymer prepared from a polyamine and a polyacyl, and a fiber backing. The membrane has a molecu ...

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1,177,126. Cellulose acetate composition. ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & CO. (DUBLIN) Ltd. 25 June, 1968 [10 July, 1967], No. 31572/67. Heading B5B. [Also in Divisions B1 and C6] A membrane for the fractionation of alcoholic beverages is formed from a dispersion of cellulose acetate in acetone containing mag ...

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This invention provides an ice cream scattered with ice granules to provide more cooling and refreshing aftertaste. The ice granules mixed may contain various kinds of food additives or alcoholic beverage.