William J Mouton Jr, David F Thompson: Airship power turbine. Rollin D Morse, September 4, 1979: US04166596 (107 worldwide citation)

Power is mechanically transmitted from a tethered airship carrying wind turbines to electrical generators on the ground at the anchor point of the tether, by the use of endless power-transmission cables bridging between drive sheaves at the turbine wheels and driven sheaves at the generators. Tether ...

Thompson David F, Mouton William J: Turbine motrice pour aeronef, Airship power turbine. Thompson David F, Mouton William J, May 6, 1980: CA1076957

PATENT APPLICATION Title: AIRSHIP POWER TURBINE Abstract: A lighter-than-air craft shaped in the form of an elong-ated tubular nozzle is provided with a converging nozzle section, avena contracta, and a diverging discharge section. An annular to-roidal lighter-than-air secondary nozzle surrounds the ...

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