Jesse H Orsborn, Kevin Scott Richman, James Kelley Adamson: Cotton harvester collection delivery system. Case Corporation, Mayer Brown & Platt, March 27, 2001: US06205756 (8 worldwide citation)

A conveyor system for a cotton picking machine having a duct for the air transport of cotton from the picking heads and cotton transport apparatus for receiving air borne cotton and moving it to a common collection location for the transport to a storage bin.

Jean Pierre Flamant, Michel Gigot: Aircraft with a cockpit lowered by an interface module for positioning under the front loading plane. Flamant Jean Pierre, March 27, 1992: FR2667042-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

Device for positioning the cockpit rose of a frontloading freight aircraft. The invention concerns a system for simplifying the air transport of large volume loads. It consists, without involving any alteration in the design, in lowering the cockpit rose (1) below the loading plane (2) by means of a ...

Thierry Plouzennec, Bernard Bluteau: Device for the processing of a magnetic-track ticket, especially an air transport ticket. Electronique Serge Dassault, Christie Parker & Hale, December 1, 1992: US05168150 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device for the processing a magnetic-track ticket, especially an air transport ticket, of the type comprising: an insertion station (G1, G2), a magnetic reading/writing station (19), an issuing station (G3, G4) and a belt (C1) wound in a closed circuit around rollers, one ...

Gerd Bretschneider: Freight container for air transport. Swiss Aluminium, Bachman & LaPointe, May 5, 1992: US05109998 (7 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure describes a freight container for air transportation purposes having a bottom panel and arranged thereon a support frame that features sections projecting from the bottom panel and transverse sections connecting the projecting sections, and also features planking that at least ...

Alfredo Aldama: Four-way antenna. Algira Primo, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 15, 1992: US05148183 (7 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed herein a four-way antenna system having a hollow antenna body to which four antennae are attached and which can be mounted on the outside of a land, sea or air transport vehicle. The first antenna, mounted on the top of the antenna body, receives radio signals. The second antenna, ...

Ronald A Lenhart: Air transport system. Precision Metal Fabricators, Fields Lewis Pittenger & Rost, May 29, 1984: US04451182 (7 worldwide citation)

A pneumatic elevator for containers is provided wherein a vertical duct has end portions with nozzles in the form of holes extending through the ends and entering the duct in a downstream direction. The sides of the duct are provided with guide rails and at least one side is provided with a pluralit ...

RENARD ANDRE: [fr] AMELIORATION AUX APPAREILS REFRIGERES DEXPOSITION DE PRODUITS, [en] Product exposure unit for refrigerating apparatus, has bent air transport pipe including two straight portions connected by elbow, where flap integral with one of straight portions covers cutout and part of wall of other straight portion. RENARD ANDRE, April 12, 2013: FR2980963-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

[en] The unit has a bent air transport pipe made of a single piece of material of sheet or plate, where the bent air transport pipe includes two straight portions (510, 511) connected by an elbow. A flap (53) integral with one of the straight portions covers a cutout and a part of a wall of the othe ...

Ralf Jost, Reinhart Ratheiser: Process for manufacturing reinforced duroplastic pipes in a centrifugal process and installation for carrying out the process. Hobas Engineering, McGlew and Tuttle, October 11, 1994: US05354526 (6 worldwide citation)

To eliminate the fluctuations in the precision of the material distribution which could not be avoided when manufacturing pipes in the centrifugal moulding process with the prior art installations, a new process and an installation for carrying out the process is proposed. This has at least two cyli ...

Gerd Bretschneider, Dieter Kiesewetter: Freight container for air transport. Swiss Aluminum, Bachman & LaPointe, February 7, 1989: US04802600 (6 worldwide citation)

A freight container for air transport has a support frame which is arranged on a baseplate, sections rising from the baseplate and transverse sections, connecting these, for a container roof, sheeting which at least partially fills in the support frame. One side of the freight container is provided ...

Rick D Clark, John David Stratton, Daryl K Rutt: Portable field office. Custom Industrial Automation, F Lindsey Scott, November 3, 1998: US05829205 (6 worldwide citation)

A portable field office having a generally rectangular base section configured to enclose the lower portion of an inner space; a generally rectangular top section configured to enclose an upper portion of the rectangular inner space and moveable between an upper extended position for use as a field ...

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