Poulsen Olaf Bronden: Laundry dryer.. Nyborg Vaskerimaskiner, November 11, 1992: EP0512940-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The clogging of the lint filter of a tumbler dryer with lint and fluff from the laundry being dried causes a reduction of the air transport exceeding that caused by the filling with laundry. This necessitates more frequent regulation of the input temperature (27) to the drum of the tumbler dryer tha ...

Simon Georges Henri, D Silva Cedric: Method of transmission of information over radio links.. Sextant Avionique, October 5, 1994: EP0618704-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

In order to transmit information between a sending station (STA) and a receiving station (STB) separated by a distance exceeding the direct communication range of the said stations, the method according to the invention consists in equipping aircraft (A1 to A25) which circulate in the space lying be ...

Buddy F Lane, Louis F Fraula: Method for air transport of sanitizing liquid to a warewasher. Hobart Corporation, Biebel French & Nauman, June 24, 1980: US04209343 (9 worldwide citation)

A rapidly moving air stream transports an air unstable sanitizing agent such as sodium hypochlorite from a liquid supply thereof directly to a tank containing water, such as the wash chamber of a dishwasher. The air is driven through a venturi powered aspirator which injects the sanitizing agent int ...

Kenneth J Smith, Carl B Dalkert, Michelle R Gehres, Gregory J Kolodziej: Vehicle heating and air conditioning modules. International Truck Intellectual Property Company, Jeffrey P Calfa, Dennis Kelly Sullivan, Susan L Lukasik, December 7, 2004: US06827141 (9 worldwide citation)

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for a vehicle is constructed from two modules, one for the engine compartment and a second for the passenger compartment. The engine compartment module has a base formed for positioning on at least two locations on a dash panel, a outside air inlet, ...


Jesse H Orsborn, Kevin Scott Richman, James Kelley Adamson: Cotton harvester collection delivery system. Case Corporation, Mayer Brown & Platt, March 27, 2001: US06205756 (9 worldwide citation)

A conveyor system for a cotton picking machine having a duct for the air transport of cotton from the picking heads and cotton transport apparatus for receiving air borne cotton and moving it to a common collection location for the transport to a storage bin.

Gerhard J Mittelmann: Freight container, in particular for air freight. Swiss Aluminium, Bachman & LaPointe, March 11, 1986: US04574968 (9 worldwide citation)

A freight container for air transport comprising a support frame structure disposed on a base plate and cladding means which at least partially clad the frame structure, wherein the side walls of the freight container are each delimited upwardly by a respective top member and both top members projec ...

Hibon Jean Claude: Method and device for printing luggage labels, particularly for air transport, and labels obtained.. Dassault Electronique, July 26, 1989: EP0325515-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

A continuous strip of paper (4) having predetermined lines of weakness, in the format of cut-out and ultimate separation of sections of a luggage label, is first of all moved progressively from a magazine (2). A reference position is then taken on the label. Desired information is subsequently print ...

Seney John Seymour: Yarn winding apparatus. EI Du Pont de Nemours & Company, September 25, 1973: US3761029 (9 worldwide citation)

A yarn transfer device for use with a yarn windup of the type which is provided with rotatable package supports carried on chucks alternately movable into surface driven engagement with a drive roll on the windup. When actuated, the transfer device swings into engagement with a driven chuck carrying ...

Patrick L Mullens, Gregg Emmel, Kevin Giesy, Christy Thomas: Cryogenic shipping container. Ray L Anderson, October 22, 2002: US06467642 (9 worldwide citation)

A shipping container with an outer shipping container shell and a support assembly for holding a dewar vessel within the outer shipping container shell and providing impact and vibration resistance to the dewar vessel. The dewar vessel has an inner vessel that holds a specimen chamber and plastic fo ...

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