Americo Salas: Flying vehicle of inverse sustentation (FVIS). Pendorf & Cutliff, June 3, 2003: US06572053 (10 worldwide citation)

The Flying Vehicle of Inverse Sustentation (FVIS) is an air transport unit for passengers and cargo. The vehicle comprises a main flow generating unit to burn a mixture of fuel and air and produce a gas flow with an appropriate speed to achieve the force of sustentation, an air admission duct to rec ...

Buddy F Lane, Louis F Fraula: Method for air transport of sanitizing liquid to a warewasher. Hobart Corporation, Biebel French & Nauman, June 24, 1980: US04209343 (9 worldwide citation)

A rapidly moving air stream transports an air unstable sanitizing agent such as sodium hypochlorite from a liquid supply thereof directly to a tank containing water, such as the wash chamber of a dishwasher. The air is driven through a venturi powered aspirator which injects the sanitizing agent int ...

Kenneth J Smith, Carl B Dalkert, Michelle R Gehres, Gregory J Kolodziej: Vehicle heating and air conditioning modules. International Truck Intellectual Property Company, Jeffrey P Calfa, Dennis Kelly Sullivan, Susan L Lukasik, December 7, 2004: US06827141 (9 worldwide citation)

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for a vehicle is constructed from two modules, one for the engine compartment and a second for the passenger compartment. The engine compartment module has a base formed for positioning on at least two locations on a dash panel, a outside air inlet, ...

Vladimir H Pavlecka, David G McIntyre: Air transport and lifting vehicle. Skagit Corporation, Robert C Smith, September 19, 1978: US04114837 (9 worldwide citation)

An air lifting vehicle includes, inter alia, a main frame containing an engine, a helicopter-type rotor driven by the engine, a rear located propeller which provides torque compensation for the rotor as well as yaw control for the vehicle, and a pilot's cabin. Attached to the frame through a plurali ...


Jesse H Orsborn, Kevin Scott Richman, James Kelley Adamson: Cotton harvester collection delivery system. Case Corporation, Mayer Brown & Platt, March 27, 2001: US06205756 (9 worldwide citation)

A conveyor system for a cotton picking machine having a duct for the air transport of cotton from the picking heads and cotton transport apparatus for receiving air borne cotton and moving it to a common collection location for the transport to a storage bin.

Gerhard J Mittelmann: Freight container, in particular for air freight. Swiss Aluminium, Bachman & LaPointe, March 11, 1986: US04574968 (9 worldwide citation)

A freight container for air transport comprising a support frame structure disposed on a base plate and cladding means which at least partially clad the frame structure, wherein the side walls of the freight container are each delimited upwardly by a respective top member and both top members projec ...

Hibon Jean Claude: Method and device for printing luggage labels, particularly for air transport, and labels obtained.. Dassault Electronique, July 26, 1989: EP0325515-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

A continuous strip of paper (4) having predetermined lines of weakness, in the format of cut-out and ultimate separation of sections of a luggage label, is first of all moved progressively from a magazine (2). A reference position is then taken on the label. Desired information is subsequently print ...

Seney John Seymour: Yarn winding apparatus. EI Du Pont de Nemours & Company, September 25, 1973: US3761029 (9 worldwide citation)

A yarn transfer device for use with a yarn windup of the type which is provided with rotatable package supports carried on chucks alternately movable into surface driven engagement with a drive roll on the windup. When actuated, the transfer device swings into engagement with a driven chuck carrying ...

Patrick L Mullens, Gregg Emmel, Kevin Giesy, Christy Thomas: Cryogenic shipping container. Ray L Anderson, October 22, 2002: US06467642 (9 worldwide citation)

A shipping container with an outer shipping container shell and a support assembly for holding a dewar vessel within the outer shipping container shell and providing impact and vibration resistance to the dewar vessel. The dewar vessel has an inner vessel that holds a specimen chamber and plastic fo ...

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