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An aircraft engine shipping system includes a frame assembly for supporting the aircraft engine, and a cradle assembly mounted on the frame assembly for securing the aircraft engine to the frame assembly. The frame assembly includes shock absorbers to provide continual shock absorption to an aircraf ...

RENARD ANDRE: [fr] AMELIORATION AUX APPAREILS REFRIGERES DEXPOSITION DE PRODUITS, [en] Product exposure unit for refrigerating apparatus, has bent air transport pipe including two straight portions connected by elbow, where flap integral with one of straight portions covers cutout and part of wall of other straight portion. RENARD ANDRE, April 12, 2013: FR2980963-A1 (20 worldwide citation)

[en] The unit has a bent air transport pipe made of a single piece of material of sheet or plate, where the bent air transport pipe includes two straight portions (510, 511) connected by an elbow. A flap (53) integral with one of the straight portions covers a cutout and a part of a wall of the othe ...

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Apparatus for cutting and guiding the marginal or lead-in strip formed in a paper web and used in connection with a lead-in operation thereof includes first and second guide plates extending at an angle relative to each other and with which are associated nozzle tubes in which nozzle apertures or th ...

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The invention relates to freight containers, in particular containers for air transport with a supporting frame which is made of profiled sections or the like, the long sides of which frame comprise polygonal frames which have roof sections and reinforcing vertical struts, and are joined by transver ...

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A modular, portable building unit susceptible to air transport and including a roof, foldable side walls and foldable end walls having the same width as the height of the side walls. Three of the modular building units can be interfitted to form a building having four times as much floor space as th ...

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The invention relates to a container for the safe air transport of plutonium having several intermediate wood layers and a load spreader intermediate an inner container and an outer shell for mitigation of shock during a hypothetical accident.

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Continuous flow at various material flow rates through a pneumatic transport system of a wide variety of granular and hygroscopic materials over a wide range of moistures, sizes and weights is achieved by gravity feed through a dispensing hopper having a portion of the side wall surface shaped as an ...

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A simple math model was used to estimate the energy requirements of a water vortex generator, followed by another model constructed for fluid mechanical analyses of water surface resistance and friction of a modified buoyancy engine. The final results demonstrated the feasibility of converting the p ...

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A pneumatic suspension system for a vehicle includes a compressed air accumulator, a compressed air transport device, at least one pneumatic bellows and an electrically controllable reversing valve used to connect the compressed air accumulator to a suction connection of the compressed air transport ...

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For tandem coupling together of cargo containers of the highway trailer-type attendant to hoisting of the containers between land, sea or air transport means, an upper between-the-containers compression spacer block and a lower tension coupler between the containers wherein the lower coupler compris ...