Augustinus G Van Loveren, Marina A Munteanu, Geoffrey B Seaber: Article which dispenses at a constant rate a volatile composition, and process for using same. International Flavors & Fragrances, Arthur L Liberman, September 30, 1986: US04614299 (25 worldwide citation)

Described is an article which dispenses at a constant rate a volatile composition of matter into the atmosphere surrounding the article which volatile composition of matter can be, for example, a perfume composition or air freshener, which article is a container which is a hollow totally enclosed fl ...

Dwayne A Rollag, James N Dornbush, Robert C Renner: Method and apparatus for the enhanced treatment of food processing waste waters using aerobic microorganisms. Donald A Jacobson, May 6, 1980: US04201663 (25 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for treating waste water, containing large quantities of organic material, by means of an aerobic bacteriological process which uses a plastic film to support an air transport system and a blanket of inexpensive biodegradable material which provides the functions of heat insul ...

Ronald A Rossway, Robert F Hatch, Behzad B Suroosh: Shipping system for jet aircraft engine. Stanley Aviation Corporation, Sheridan Ross P C, October 9, 2001: US06298536 (23 worldwide citation)

An aircraft engine shipping system includes a frame assembly for supporting the aircraft engine, and a cradle assembly mounted on the frame assembly for securing the aircraft engine to the frame assembly. The frame assembly includes shock absorbers to provide continual shock absorption to an aircraf ...

Karl F Milde Jr: Personal air transport. Milde Hoffberg & Macklin, January 30, 2001: US06179247 (23 worldwide citation)

A wingless personal air transport (PAT) comprises two main sections: First, a substantially horizontal circular inner platform is provided with its outer extremity having a first diameter D

John B Kalisz: Pressure stabilized inflated air transport vehicle. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Robert A Schruhl, October 16, 2001: US06302357 (22 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a pressure stabilized inflated air transport vehicle having means for limiting crack propagation in the hull envelope whereby leakage of the gas in the haul due to the crack will not exceed the gas pressure maintaining means.

Gerald D Lilja, Frank Fowler, Robert F Hatch: Jet aircraft engine transport apparatus. Stanley Aviation Corporation, Fields & Johnson P C, October 6, 1998: US05816367 (21 worldwide citation)

A jet aircraft engine transport apparatus is disclosed which utilizes three major subcomponents. The first subcomponent is a shipping stand which enables a jet aircraft engine to be configured for transport in either a truck transport mode or air transport mode. The second subcomponent is a fan doll ...


Leo Smith: Vertical take-off and landing vehicle for land, water and air transport. Michael I Kroll, February 11, 2003: US06517026 (20 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a vehicle for land and air transport and, more specifically, to a vertical take-off and landing vehicle for land, water and air transport which is submersible and utilizes compressed air to lift and propel said vehicle during travel. The land-based drive train and th ...

Kenneth J Smith, Carl B Dalkert, Michelle R Gehres, Gregory J Kolodziej: Vehicle heating and air conditioning modules. International Truck Intellectual Property Company, Jeffrey P Calfa, Dennis Kelly Sullivan, Susan L Lukasik, November 8, 2005: US06962195 (19 worldwide citation)

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for a vehicle is constructed from two modules, one for the engine compartment and a second for the passenger compartment. The engine compartment module has a base formed for positioning on at least two locations on a dash panel, a outside air inlet, ...

Gerhard Mittelmann, Klaus P Brodbeck: Freight container, in particular for air transport. Swiss Aluminium, Bachman and LaPointe, January 31, 1984: US04428491 (19 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to freight containers, in particular containers for air transport with a supporting frame which is made of profiled sections or the like, the long sides of which frame comprise polygonal frames which have roof sections and reinforcing vertical struts, and are joined by transver ...

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