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An air-cleaning apparatus and air-cleaning method whereby air is cleaned with an air flow containing ions and ozone generated by corona discharge. The apparatus has a wind tunnel part including a trumpet-shaped member (

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An air cleaning apparatus includes a plurality of dust collecting electrodes alternately arranged with panel electrodes and spaced from each other at predetermined intervals to form air flow passages. Voltage is applied by a voltage source between the panel electrodes and the dust collecting electro ...

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An air cleaning apparatus, especially for cleaning of room air, includes an ionizing device (14) having a unipolar ion source formed by a corona discharge electrode, an electrostatic precipitator (12) connected to a high-voltage source (15) and having a flow-through passageway (18) for air to be cle ...

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An electrostatic air cleaning apparatus having a source of relatively large magnitude electrical voltage. The cell comprises a charged ionizing section and a collecting section comprising a charged grid and a grounded grid sandwiching therebetween a sheet of foraminous filter media. One of the grids ...

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An air cleaning apparatus having an electrical dust collecting section has discharge electrodes, electrical field forming electrodes arranged parallel to the flow of charged particles, and dust collecting electrodes each of which is arranged between corresponding two adjacent electrical field formin ...

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In a driven vehicle an air filtering assembly for cleaning pollution from the ambient air in the path of the vehicle by utilizing the vehicle and assembly as a mobile cleaning device.

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An air cleaning apparatus provides a housing with a column shape and an air cleaning unit within a portion of the housing, the cleaning unit having a complementary shape. The air inlet and outlet nozzles to the housing are provided at a top and bottom face, with the inlet and outlet openings to the ...

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An air cleaning apparatus such as a clean room or the like having an air circulation mechanism which circulates the humidity controlled air through a predetermined air circulation path, wherein the air circulation path is provided with a filter which has a hydrophobic zeolite layer formed on its bas ...

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An air cleaning apparatus includes a blowing unit and a filtering unit which are easily removed from and installed in a cabinet, allowing the air cleaning apparatus to be easily cleaned. The cabinet included in the air cleaning apparatus may be used as a table. The cabinet is provided with a top pan ...

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An air cleaning apparatus is disclosed which, in one embodiment, has: an inlet for ambient air; an outlet for purified air; a mechanism for the uptake of a scrubbing liquor and for the removal of impurities dissolved or dispersed in the ambient air by contact with said scrubbing liquor; an inlet for ...