Sturgess Geoffrey John, Hoffman Jacob Sherman, Vdoviak John William, Hirschkron Robert: Air blast fuel atomizer. General Electric Company, November 21, 1972: US3703259 (99 worldwide citation)

An air blast fuel atomizer for establishing a highly atomized fuel dispersion at the confluence of two counter-rotating air swirls, wherein a uniform concentration of fuel is disposed on a circumferential shroud and directed to the atomization forces at the lip of the shroud.

Sturgess Geoffrey J: Air blast fuel atomizer. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Donnelly Maky Renner & Otto, February 18, 1975: US3866413 (63 worldwide citation)

An air blast fuel atomizer characterized in that the main (or secondary) fuel is atomized by centrifugal discharge of a swirling film of the fuel into a swirling annular air stream and wherein primer fuel to facilitate starting of the gas turbine engine is atomized in the throat of a venturi tube th ...